SE Cloud - Two Feature Suggestions
As work starts up again on SE Cloud, please consider the following suggestions (no particular order):

1. Adding the ability to use drop-down menus.
2. The ability to add photos (thumbnails) during a creation/edit of a topic.
3. Admin can add featured marking on the front side of the site
4. iPad Pro friendly backend (Posts get cut off)
5. Ability to choose multiple categories to a post

As always, thank you. 
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    BerniesTeachers 11. Subcategories would be nice.
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    BerniesTeachers 10. Ability to exclude a category from the "new" script.
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    BerniesTeachers 9. Menu, the hamburger is needed when portrait for iPad and smartphones. This could be done with custom CSS but I'm not sure how that's done.
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    BerniesTeachers 8. Can we have an option to show views of a page or post. Maybe in the post options script?
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    BerniesTeachers 7. Please include the ability to add a member in the admin area.
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    BerniesTeachers 6. It would be nice to have a poll show in the sidebar (gutter).

    What happened to just two suggestions? Sorry, SE Cloud turns out to be really cool for what I'm trying to do and I'd love to see it get better.