Subscription / payment enhancements
I'd like a few enhancements to subscriptions and payments.

Member-visible subscription payment expiration.

Ability to give someone a subscription for a period of time.  I have people that pay me by check, and I have to go in and manually edit the database.  Or, alternatively, the ability to have a "I will pay by check" and have a 7-14 day account expiration on that.  Anything to make the flow of subscription payments easier to manage.
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    Donna Hi Bob,

    Thanks for posting.

    Do you have any mockups (a screenshot perhaps) of how you want something like this to look?

    Have you checked for plugins that might already do this? There are some plugins for members and subscriptions in the marketplace.
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      Bob McCown Ive looked through various subscription plugins, and havent seen anything that fits the bill.

      For the expiration, I think I'd like it in the Member Info when you go to /profile/<name>. In the section that has "Member Type, Profile Views, etc".

      As far as payments by check, I think some more options under the admin "Manage Subscriptions" area. Right now we only have Edit and Delete. The ability to create a subscription for the member from this screen would solve my problems. Let me pick "Supporting Member" and give it an expiration date.

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        Donna These are great suggestions that I think will benefit many. I've added the following to our internal feature tracker for our developers to consider.

        1. Enable a manual method to add a subscription to a user in admin. This allows admin to get cash or check payments or even just give a gift subscription.

        2. Show a member's subscription expiration date on their profile (visible to only them and admins). This would be great if it showed date started/date end and days to expire with a button to purchase again.
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          Bob McCown Wonderful, thank you.

          Right now when I get paid by a check, I go into my SQL editor, dig up the user subscription records, enable/create the correct one with a correct end date. Having this will make my life MUCH easier. Thank you again.
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            Donna You're welcome and gee that's a lot of work you have to do for now.
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