SE Cloud - How to gamify ?
I'm not sure how to gamify members. I didn't see a document on suggestions. It would be nice to provide "awards" for members posting and commenting at a certain level. 

Is this possible and I'm missing something? I see there are points awarded -- but what can we do with the points? 
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    Donna I'm asking the team for suggestions for this. :)
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    Donna we have a tutorial for the leaderboard if that's something that interests you. :)
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    Donna The only thing I can think of right now for points is to have some sort of contests for most points for whatever actions get points. Then let that user be the star for the month. Alternately, get together with various businesses to offer prizes (digital would be easier).
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      BerniesTeachers Is there a leaderboard widget in the works? Or is there a way to build a leaderboard page template?