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Anybody have any plugin recommendations for status update privacy options.  I see there are at least two in the SE marketplace one from SEAO and another from Hire Experts
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    gs Keep in mind that other Plugins you decide to purchase may lead you to the option(s) for this. For example, although I have many Plugins from SEAO/SES/SEM/SEE/Webhive/HE/Radcodes, I chose SEAO's Advanced Activity/Wall Plugin because the bulk of the Plugins I required to integrate with this were from SEAO.

    Eugene has made a great suggestion (and Webhive makes some excellent Plugins), and as PoeticJustice mentioned, SES is great too.

    Obviously then, if you use a 3rd-Party Plugin for Activity Feed/Wall, then an issues you have will require the Dev to resolve them, not SE. This has not been an issue for me (as I've worked with some great Devs). Just wasn't sure how much experience you've had with Plugins and Devs and their Support.

    Just more food for thought.
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    PoeticJustice [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] are the best hands down, [196,Eugene] makes awesome plugins too
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      Matt Sutton Thanks for the recommendations.
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      SocialEngineSolutions Thanks [508,PoeticJustice] for appreciating and recommending us. We are glad to work with you and have your continuous love and support.
      @Matt We have the Privacy Option in our "Advanced News & Activity Feeds Plugin" . You can also visit our website to explore our highly discounted packs and packages. For any assistance, please feel free to contact us at .
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    Eugene I think both plugins from SEAO and Hire-Experts actually replace the standard feed with their own improved feed versions. Please keep that in mind when evaluating both options.
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      Matt Sutton Thanks for the heads up. I don't know why SE PHP (Webligo) doesn't include this feature in the core modules. Most of the core modules (except in the forums) have privacy posting options why not status updates.