GIF Player Support
I opened a ticket for this improvement in the core, but is possible that 3rd party developers would need to improve their wall/activities feed plugin. Here is the ticket:

Now that SE support GIFs there is a problem of with timelines with several GIFs running at same time. This make the feed being a few messy and to solve this some Social Network started to use GIF Players. A GIF player is a button that only make the GIF run after being clicked. There are some libraries with a few work, only being necessary to create a class to identify that the image is a GIF. Here is a library example:
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    SocialEngineAddOns Using our GIF Player Plugin, GIF file can be played on demand (onclick or mouseover) and duration can also be set for which GIF image should play. We have used mootools library in our 'GIF Player Plugin'.
    For more info, visit the plugin description page here:
    Working of this plugin can be checked here:
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