Member Browse Menu
What are the links that should be in the Member browse navigation menu?

I noticed that in my layout editor that this menu is with the Member Browse page but when I looked at the menu in my navigation that its blank and just shows a blank box on the Member browse page? Does anyone know how this menu should work or what should be included on it?
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    Donna The only thing that menu has is the breadcrumb. IIRC, a tech had said once it can be edited to add other things but is mainly showing the breadcrumb.
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    gs I use a Plugin instead but I checked the standard SE stuff and it seems I have the same thing as you. The Member Browse Nav Menu in Menu Editor has no items. In Layout Editor a Member Browse Menu widget exists at the top of the Member Browse Page.

    I don't know the URL of the SE Member Browse and no longer have it in my customized menu structure so I can't actually load that page to see what's displayed in the menu. What options (if any) do you see in your live Member Browse page? It's possible this is hard-coded just like some of the 'content' widgets are, but someone more knowledgeable than me would know that for sure.

    So I may not have been much help other than to say what you are seeing seems to be the way it is (at least for 2 of us).