SE Plugins - ok to remove?
(seeking input from SE Staff, but others are welcome to chime in if they know 'for sure' the answer and/or have any actual experience with doing this).

In an effort to reduce the #Plugins/Themes installed, I've created a list of Plugins/Themes to have removed (or remove myself if I pay a Dev to create a Removal Plugin).  Out of 30 I wish to remove, 7 of them are SE:
- Chat (replaced with CometChat)
- Forum (replaced with SEAO)
- Mobi (replaced with SES SpectroMedia responsive theme)
- Videos (replaced with SEAO)
- Blogs (replaced with SEAO; or considering SES Adv Blogs)
- Groups (replaced with SEAO)
- Events (replaced with SEAO)

Basically I'm only using SE Core and Photo Albums anyway, and would like to remove the rest (unless I need the IM part of Chat and don't realize it?).  My concern is I've often read "don't remove any SE Core Plugins" on various posts/blogs here/github/elsewhere, but I've not read anything specific from SE Staff about this (but obviously may have missed this if it exists - my bad).

My questions are:
Q1:  Will removing the above negatively impact the performance if SE and/or will it create problems/issues if they no longer exist?  Thanks for you input.
Q2:  Will there be any issues after this as I update SE Core and Photo Albums without the others in the future?

Thank you.

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    Mikel Coreclark Hello. Mikel here.
    You raise an interesting question..
    I like these SE plugins as I use them.
    I thought that all SE plugins are like a basic product but SEAO products are like additions to the SE product.
    sort of like: SE plugin + SEAO plugin = better plugin with more features.

    My none tech thinking is, if you can add SE plugins then in theory you can remove them . aslong as you do a full site backup first.

    However like most things if you go against SE advice, by removing core plugins you could damage your site and any cover or SE assistance to repair such damage you could face a massive bill and not be covered.

    I would suggest you chat to Scripttechs or Donna about this. I have used scripttechs several time in the past and would highly recommend them.

    Personally I would never remove core features, however I would disable them, this way you always have backups if SEAO plugins fail for some reason. Also you may choose to use them in the future.

    But yes, chat to Donna or scripttechs before you do anything.

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      Donna Thank you Mikel! Happy to have been of help. :)
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    gs Thanks Mikel and Donna.

    I'll have to relocate where people recommended not to remove SE Plugins.

    Since you are ckg w/SE Techs, I'll await their confirmation of what you have stated Donna.

    Mikel: One of the Plugins is dependent on SE Albums, which is why that's not in the list to delete. Yes, these others could be disabled (and in fact are), but performance doesn't seem to improve even with about 30 Plugins/Themes disabled, so since I've read that removing unnecessary Plugins betters performance, I wanted to fo do.
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      Donna Hi [185918,gs] please see my comment below where I answered from the technician.
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        gs You mean the comment that begins with 'according to our technicians,...', that one?

        You know, sometimes the people here can be a little dense... oh wait, that's me :)
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          Donna ROFL :) me too. I think we all have that in us from time to time. :)
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    Donna According to our technicians, it is fine to remove those plugins as long as the third party products don't have dependencies on them. It's best to check with those developers to ensure there isn't any dependency.
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    Donna I'm asking our techs just to be safe. :)
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    Donna Where have you heard not to remove core plugins? Do you have any links? I would like to read the posts.
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    Donna I can say that on my author site I've removed core plugins and the site seems fine. I removed Chat for one and don't see any issues. I think that's all I've removed on that site and the marketplace. Events is disabled for now. I suggest making a local install and checking to see how it works with stuff removed.