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    Mikel Coreclark Hello People.
    Mikel here.
    I just have an idea. On video admin settings members do not have the rights to delete other member videos, this is good..
    How ever, could there be another option other than delete for members.
    Can we give members the ability to stop the playing or seeing of questionable video content.
    Example: porn, distasteful content or videos that break T&Cs.
    If a member came across a video and thought " well that should not be on here" then they can click on a command button like 'delete' or 'report' and then the video would be unplayable and blacked out so no member can play or see the video (only admin can play and see video) and a notification would be sent to admin to check it out and only then can it be deleted or permitted by admin.

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      Donna There is a report button under the videos when viewing. Are you not seeing one?
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        Mikel Coreclark Hello Donna.
        Yes I have a report button.
        As like most report buttons like on FB, its stops the person reporting the item from seeing the item only.
        What I'm looking for is a button that will stop the playing / showing of the item site wide for all people except for the admin.
        If that is possible for future ideas.
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      Donna Networks. That's how I'm using them on my author site. Erotica and Adult authors need to be in the Erotica network. When they post that sort of stuff, they make it private to their friends and networks.

      I want to see if we can improve networks so that we can actually pick a network for our content to go in as that would be more useful. As it is now, My authors that are for different genres need a separate account for their erotica or adult natured stuff so they can post it just to those networks.
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        Mikel Coreclark Hello Donna.
        I'm not into the Adult content personally. Not that I'm an old grump and prude.
        I just want to keep my site clean and create a family focused site so if a child did manage to get passed the gate and see a video it wont be anything that would offend. If I allow just once such content I may find it hard to justify my site being a family site.