Assigned network not able to choose other network?
Hello friends, i need some feedback's on this problem please.
I have created 2 networks and also 2 profile type called Listener and Disk Jockey.
I have setup the listener to be auto assigned to listener network and disk jockey to be assigned to the disk jockey network after sign up.
All is good except that the users assigned to a network can't see the other network if they want to join it.I went from a profile to the networks page and is saying in there that "There are currently no avaliable networks to join."
I will like to auto-assign the dj's to dj's network and listener to listener network after sign up, but also let them choose to join the other network if they want.
I did not check it the option " Yes, hide membership for this network." so it should be visible to others.
How can i do this ?

Thank you !

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    Donna I believe you will need a customization in order to auto-assign and allow them to choose. The auto-assign is to allow members to be automatically placed in a network based on questions they answer. The network that is auto-assigned cannot also be a choice to join. The "hide network" hides it from showing who belongs to that network from everyone except admin. Hope that helps. :)>-networks