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Here's a security tip for everyone.
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    Donna That's a great tip. It's always best to call and confirm before giving any details. There are many scams now-a-days. I'm always called by "windows support" which has been a scam forever.

    The scam you mention could cause people to give sensitive information that they shouldn't be giving out. When in doubt, hang up and call a manager of the company that is supposedly contacting you.
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    Mikel Coreclark Hello All. Mikel here.
    I know this post my appear odd on the forum but please read on..

    Today I was telephoned by a man claiming to be from my Internet service provider.
    This man said that my IP address was being used to send out illegal emails and services and that he needed my account details for my IPS account and my Host server account to combat the issue or I will be prosecuted.

    As by now you may be aware of the malware threat that has gripped the world (mostly those computers using [ windows xp or windows with out the latest security]. well the criminals are circling like sharks to gain access to your computers and servers.

    PLEASE BE AWARE> spread the word to all your site members not to give out any details and be Vigilant.

    If we can do our bit to protect our selves and our server hosts and site members, we can help put a stop to the threat.