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SocialEngineaddons are requesting a URL in order to download license key for plugins from their site, does anyone know what this is used for?

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    gs As usual, Eugene is correct (Eugene/Webhive are excellent Devs).

    Good question as I wished it was explained properly 2 years ago when I was lost trying to understand.

    My understanding (based on numerous communications with SEAO and some other Devs) is that typically (again, from my experience - I'm not speaking for all Devs) the 1 license you receive allows 2 domains (one for Development, one for Production). Folders inside these domains are included but sub-domains are not. For example:,,,,
    All of the above would be ok and use 1 of the 2 domains you're typically allowed on 1 license (some say 1 license for 2 domains rather than (2) 1 domain licenses),,
    Since it seems that sub-domains are treated as domains, then you would be allowed to use 2 of the above, but not all 3, and would use both of your available licensed domains.

    So, since I use SEAO as well (and several other Devs' Plugins), and SEAO actually allows you to go to your files/license page to make your own changes, I have all Plugins configured for and (which I may change at any time and then just copy the new Keys to my site; but then I'd also have to contact all other Devs of my other Plugins that have cores to update them for their Plugins to work).

    For me, I chose to keep all development folders (dev/stg/tst/prod for different versions) on one domain (, and the live/production folders at a sub-domain ( I did this with the hopes of needing it in the future - in order to easily place the prod environment on a completely separate server/setup.

    I'm open to correction of course as I'm not an expert - just basing this on what I've been informed by 6-7 of the Devs I work with, and some actual experience.
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    Eugene It's used to prevent unauthorized installation of plugins on multiple domains.