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What is the best way to have your site turned into an app. I seen a few things on the marketplace. Just curious if these apps can be downloaded in the google play store and also for apple products. Please give me your feedback
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    SocialEngineAddOns Hi Brandon, Our team has contacted you regarding the same. Please check your inbox.
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    gs Although I have recently purchased the Android/iOS tools from SEAO, I have not used them yet. From what I understand yes - they allow you to create Apps that will exist in Google Play and Apple stores (I believe there's a $100 fee for Apple (1x or annual - I'm not sure). SEAO has their demo at Google Play as I have downloaded it (I don't own anything 'Apple', so I don't know if their demo also exists in the Apple store).

    Wish I could give you real world experience, but if you install the Android demo, you'll get a feel for how it should work for you.
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    Donna I've not used any of them so I can't say personally how they are. I'm sure some other clients will post or perhaps check the reviews if they have some reviews.

    I've used free ones before, but they are just mobile app wrappers and not native. They still seemed to work at the time. It's been a while since I've tried them.