Video-sharing Plugin
How  and where to Download the video-sharing plugin version 4.9.1?
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    Chris Sage Hi am on version 4.9.2 on video, is there a problem with thumbnails not showing?
    I have no pictures since upgrading :(
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      Donna Not that we have seen. My own site upgraded fine and video images are fine using default SE video plugin and no third party products. You should check to ensure you updated all of the plugins and third party products. Check for errors on the site too.
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    Donna You would want to use our 4.9.2 version and get that video plugin as it has privacy fixes in it. Otherwise, you will not have the user privacy working properly for the video section.
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      Chris Sage Hi donna yer am on 4.9.2.p1 for the main site.
      And all my plugins are upto date from what i can see.
      Videos is on 4.9.2
      Heres my issue
      I upgraded from 4.8 to 4.9.2......i never used the patch as i read i only need to use the patch if upgrading from 4.9 to 4.9.2
      Am i correct in guessing this...
      Am getting a few errors on my mobi version of the site too. :(
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        Donna Patch isn't needed for you as your upgrade did work without looking like it deleted the database.

        Is our support helping you with this? It's not something I'm seeing on my sites so our support would need to check.
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      gs ==>".. it has privacy fixes in it.."
      Two questions:
      1. Are these privacy fixes those that properly adhere to the settings for who may access the Videos (ex. if me only, then me only; or if friends, then only friends; etc.)? I recall a similar issue was resolved for Photo Albums in 4.9.00 or 4.9.01, but not sure if this is the same issue.
      2. If the above is the same issue as what was resolved weeks ago for Photo Albums, is it now fixed throughtout all SE modules or only Photo Albums and Video so far?

      Thanks :)
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        Donna Hi gs!

        Yes, it is the same privacy fix that we did for photos. We are working our way through all of them (SE core plugins). So far, photos and videos are done. It takes lots of testing for each one so we did just those two and have another one in the works for 4.9.3.