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    Gabry Hi Mikel .. what you want to do is actually just playing with some .css codes and i believe you it looks hard if you don;t know how, but is easy to do it ... what you need to keep in your mind is that in this day;s the "Responsive" option is very important as more and more people are using mobile devices beside the customize that you make for theme to look good on desktop , you also need to test your custom on mobile devices if you care about this ... if you create a custom code that appears good on desktop but bad on mobile then you need to create a file called for example media-queries.css and insert in there the same code that appears good on desktop but bad on mobile and adjust it by the required width device ...i don't want to make you dizzy but keep this in your mind that what you will do to appear good on desktop will not always appear good also on mobile if you don't setup the codes separately per width device that is used to see your website.
    For example if you modify the width of left-right widgets to be bigger, then on mobile devices they can be out of area. You can solve this by insert the code of widgets width in media-queries.css using the width of the device, and for mobile phone usually is 480px,380px,320px or tablets as 680px or 720px
    @media screen and (max-width:480px)
    {widget width code here}

    Hope you have made an idea about playing with css codes also being responsive, or if you don;t want to play like this then you can buy a plugin for mobile devices, but is not that cheap and doesn't worth to buy it if you have an website on the start without too many users etc . ... note that i gave it to you this info's in the "big view" from up as i can;t write an A4 page in here .. good luck and feel free to ask more.
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    Donna Thanks for the tips Mikel. One tip to check too is the Column Width modifier widget. It allows you to resize your columns without needing to code to do it. Perhaps that will help you with some of the white space.
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      Mikel Coreclark Thanks Donna.
      Have you got a location in KB I can read up on more ?
      As a one of my members reviewed the theme on his mobile device saying it did not scale right ??

      so maybe I should look into the Column width modifier widget. or maybe its just his device because on my mobile phone device, Samsung galaxy a3 and galaxy pad it looked fine, but I know on some devices mobile page auto page sizing / scaling settings are different for older devices. ??

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        Gabry Hi Mikel , regarding the scale or devices responsive view, is very hard to make all the items on your website to appear perfect on ALL devices .. depends also on what browser is using that device, versions of the browser also on device screen like 4.7 inch, 4.9 or 5.2 inch ... i am also playing with options to be responsive on mobile devices and i am using to test with a 4.7 and 5.0 inch ... i can say that like resolution i put the codes to fit both of the screen but still have some small problems in scaling and is quite impossible to make it to be perfect for all... if is a small problem about scaling then i think we need to survive with it ...if is a big problem then for sure can be solved with some custom codes.
        For example for me when i click on notifications they appear perfect on 5.0 inch but a little out of screen on 4.7 even if they go both of them on the code @media max 480 ... so what i could do it was just to move a little to the left the notifications open box and make the width a little smaller so it can fit on both 4.7 and 5.0 inch.
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          Mikel Coreclark hi, I think its something that for now , we can live with, mobile device screen sizes seem to be changing all the time with each new device. I think we can spend / waste so much time trying to fit every screen. ive seen some devices with smaller screen sizes than 4 inch. and in some cases the device web view page size settings are not compatible and that's something we will not have control over.
          so for now, I'm not going to worry myself about. I'm just going play around on clone themes and see what works for the majority of my members and see what feed back I get.
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        Donna No, it's a new widget that we added and you just drag it like other widgets. Then set the width you want the column to be.
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          Mikel Coreclark yes I found it , in my core section.
          Jus a couple of Q's
          Is there a cheats way of doing this so it goes site wide or do I have to place it in every column on every page of my site individually ? because some pages will require between 1 and four CWMw's

          Or can I just leave the altered code on contstants.css and in turn the themes.css will be altered to what contants.css says ??? I think that's what I read.

          Or is it better to place CWMw's in all pages to be more desk top and mobile friendly / stable.

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            Donna I'm not a theme person. It would be easier to get a theme person to just do the theme as you want it.
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          Mikel Coreclark oh ok..
          Il have a look for it and apply it.
          Thanks Donna.
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    Mikel Coreclark Hello Friends.
    just to start off, I am not a tech so my knowledge is worth checking and not to be used as factual tech knowledge.

    For a while I have been not happy with some themes. the themes are great but just did not feel right to for my site. In particular: 1, the amount of spacing around the edges of the screen ( wasted space ) 2, the size of the images in events and member brows ( 3 images per rowe: images too big for no real reason that I can see )

    So I have been playing with a couple of cloned themes.(insignia, default, clean, midnight)
    In my 3rd trial using theme [quantum blue] below is what I changed the sizes too. this seems to work and fit my screen desktop / mobile.
    now I can get event / member images at 4 images per line which looks better with no wasted space on my screen. I'm not knowing how this looks on other desktop screens or mobile devices but will like to know.

    Image sizes ive not worked out yet, so if any knows where I need to look for that section let me know.

    So just as idea / tip if a theme do not look / feel right it could be worth altering this section or the main colours .

    These are what I changed the numbers to:

    Specify the top bar wrapper width (which contains the mini menu, logo, and main menu

    by default), the footer width, and the width of left & right-side columns.


    theme_topbar_minimenu_width: 1240px;

    theme_topbar_logo_width: 1240px;

    theme_topbar_menu_width: 1240px;

    theme_footer_width: 1240px;

    theme_content_width: 1240px;

    theme_content_columns_left_width: 185px;

    theme_content_columns_right_width: 220px;

    theme_body_background_color: UNCHANGED
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