How to get page info in code? (
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    Ankit Bhardwaj What I have done till now.
    1- Add a layout from admin panel.
    2- Add widgets on that layout.
    3- Add same script tags and css in each widgets.
    4- That's not a good practice because of lots of duplicate code.

    What I want.
    1- A single place where I can write a main code which may apply on or for all the widgets.
    See Below image.
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      Donna If you are looking to do CSS, please see our tutorials for that. You would put it in the theme.css or constants.css for your clone theme. There is no code to show in the back end other than css. Otherwise, you can use the html block for things other than css.
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        Ankit Bhardwaj Ok, Means there is no way I can see the code block of that newly created layout?
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          Donna The things you showed are CSS. You can do the CSS in the theme.css or constants.css . There is no code to find for it unless you make a coded page via the development section.
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    Donna Can you give more details please? Everything seems to have cut off. Note that you'll want to be on the most recent version to have the newer features. I don't know if html block is found in your version. If not, you will want to upgrade.