Default email notifications ... confused !
Hello everyone, i have a question about choosing the default email notifications.It is normal when i do not check an option in admin panel to still appear for the member in settings page to choose it ?
I am not using some options on my website like video channels so i have not check it but it still appear for the members to check it if they want to receive email notifications for video channels.I will like to make the options that i am not using to disappear from the users page settings so they can't see it and check it ... how can i do this ?
Thank you !
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    Gabry Yes this is the problem ... i have disabled the options ...i saved, clear cache and then i created a test user and went to the options, but i can still see them and i am able to check them ...thank you for your time , i hope [81,SocialEngineAddOns] team will solve this problem ... take care and thank you again , best wishes !
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      Donna If it ends up being a bug with our script, please do feel free to submit it after they give you feedback. :)
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    Gabry Hi Donna , thank you for reply and sorry for not being perfect clear on this ...same too, wake up and had the morning coffee ready for work .. i have put 2 pictures about my "confusing" issue .. like i said an example is video channels feature that i am not using on my website (SEAO Adv Video Plugin) ... i have disabled in CP> Settings> Default Email Notifications to send "auto-emails" for Video Channels, but if the users are going to Settings> General> Notifications they can still see those Video Channels options and can enable them .. but i don;t want the users to see those options because i am not using them ... my problem is, if i disable those options in CP , why they still appear for the users to enable them ? (this issues also for the Core or other plugins... video is just an example)
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      Donna The admin settings show you have a few checked for users to be able to select. When you uncheck all options and clear cache, do the regular users still see the settings? If so, you will want to check with SEAO for the issue as it should be respecting the admin settings I believe.
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    Donna Hi Gabry,

    Can you please include screenshots to be a bit more clear? It might be too early for me reading this (5am) but I'm not 100% clear.