Social Engine Theme issue (seTweaks)
Does anyone know if I should seek support from Social Engine or seTweaks (Integrity Theme) for support?  It requires a fee which is why I am asking.  My problem is that my Main Navigation Menu appears to be corrupt.  It shows in the vertical position instead of horizontal and I have tried everything I can think of to fix it to no avail.

Thank you!  Any guidance would be appreciated.

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    Gabry Hello [246328,Cynthia Silk] , as also Donna said usually we work in here with issues about SE default but we are always glad to help each other i understand you use Integrity theme, then first that you need to do is to follow the steps to install that theme and place the right widgets in the correct positions.As i know seTweaks offers a step by step install of their themes.
    For the problem that you have now, access from Layout Editor the Header of you website and insert in there the correct widgets that Integrity theme is using ... for example in the header you have to put the main menu from Integrity theme not the core main menu as it can be difference in css codes that make your menu to appear bad. Try to start with this info and feel free to come back here.
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    Donna Hi Cynthia,

    For third party products, you would want to contact the developer as we don't provide support for those. If it's an issue with your site with default stuff, feel free to contact our support. Do you see the same issue with default themes?