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    Gabry This plugin is new on SE stores and i think in the future developers will improve it .. a very nice idea will be to make this plugin to work by following the user Cookies like google is working ... if you search for something often on google then you will see Ads about that thing almost on all the websites that you browse and has google ads ... if this can work in this way imagine that if you have an user that is mainly looking on your website for videos with tags like cars-garage-parts-wheels-racing, then the plugin can "read" this and send him notifications about new videos with this tags.It will be incredible if developers can make it to work in this way.
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    Gabry Hi Mikel, push notifications plugin is a very nice and powerful tool but i think we need to use it in a smart way to make the users come to us not make them angry and run away .. we all know that receive notifications can be also closed by the users, so i think that if you will use it to advertise, some of the users will get angry and close "the communication" with your community ... the best will be to use advertising on your website widgets and take advantage of push notifications to make the people access again your website and they will see those Ads in there ...finally in my opinion, try to use push notifications in a way that you make the user curious and he will click and come to your website... using notifications as an advertise tool is not that a good idea ... as we all know, they invented Ad Block specially for YouTube, because they are very annoying with Ads every few seconds... you don't want to happen the same with your community. If i will be one of your users and you will "shoot" me with advertising things thru notifications, i will go fast to settings and close notifications from your website. But this is just my idea please don't get me wrong ... best wishes and good luck !
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      Mikel Coreclark Hi Gabry
      I believe you are correct. I think I will stick to adverts.
      Do you use push,, if so how are you using it ( settings wise )
      Thanks mate.
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        Gabry Actually for the moment i am not using this service but i am 50-50 % on thinking if to use it or not ...

        50% NOT because if we look on SE script we have a bunch of ways to notify the user in case of something "new" like the mini menu notification, emails, requests widget on main page, and one more plugin making "jobs background" can slow down the server if you have a lot of users plus that if we make a Poll we will see that 60% of people will not use it as they are afraid of the message "Do you allow the browser? " or they don't want to be disturbed.

        On the other way of 50% as i said is a powerful and fancy plugin this day's and i will like to have it as is very good for the mobile users or desktop users when they are browsing something else or they have the browser down and if is used in a smart way you can get your users back to your website.And you can start by making a small INTRO explanation on your website( maybe on Help page) about the pushing notifications where you can explain to your users what it means and what it will happen if they allow it .. this will make them not to be afraid by "Do you allow the browser?".Maybe some screen shoot also.

        If i will use it it will be 95% for the most common notifications as Likes,Comments,new activity wall BUT with direction to the user that receives it ... for example i will use it to send "Someone likes YOUR Photo" but i will NOT use it for "Check out the latest featured Videos" or "This are the latest products in our Store" ... i think if you send only "Someone likes your Photo" the user will come to your website, will see who likes his photo and also he will see the other news like latest features videos or products in store... so finally use it "slowly" and "lightly" without stressing the users with things that maybe are not important for them ...just "Poke" them a little and they will come back to your website.
        Now this is my idea on how to use it for a Social Community, but of course you can have a website for selling ... then also in here is the same thing, use this to send to the users something that is always watching or buying, because if the user is interested usually in Cars and you send him news about Bicycles,Baby clothes or Glasses then for sure he will close the notifications.
        I hope you understand me and also i will like to hear other ideas and opinions from other people.
        Take care !
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          Mikel Coreclark You make some good points.
          I think if I use 'push' it most probably create an overload of notifications. that's not good for anyone.
          So best option is to stay with the SE built in notifications system then people can decide what and how they are notified.

          This is best idea. And if /when companies post items then it will feed through to their friends anyway.
          Thanks people. Some great words of wisdom as always.
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    Mikel Coreclark Hello Folks.
    I am very much thinking of getting a Push Browser plugin.
    SEAO has great reviews, this makes me happy. What I really want to know is how it is working for members, has anyone got any feedback about Push.
    I'm thinking of using push as tool for advertising purposes.

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      gs Gabry has made some excellent points.

      This Push Notifications thing seems to be just starting to catch on in my world, because in recent weeks I've noticed probably a dozen times or more that sites are asking me to approve or not. Now that I've experienced this annoying process (and that's not the actual push notifications - just the request to allow it), I've definitely decided I won't be doing this to Users. I will be adding an Icon or two to the header of the site for very specific types of notifications. It will work just like Notifications and Messages does now - just sit there and increment the number quietly. Eventually this will be added to my mobile apps too. Besides, notifications can always be sent to email accounts, so if the User want's to be bothered (ahem, informed) they can be notified via whatever method they wish using their email platforms (desktop, mobile, phone, etc.) - sounds, rings, etc - whatever filtering and notification methods their email apps support can do this for them. This way they're in conrtol rather than me 'pushing' stuff in front of their face.

      I prefer to be less intrusive and more quiet, and let each User decide if/when/how they want to be notified of info.
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        Mikel Coreclark Hi. I am interested to know more about your idea, Icon on your header.
        Ive never thought of that.

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          gs As I prepare to start working on the mobile apps side of things (not in a rush - I'm still in development, and quite frankly, the SpectroMedia theme is so responsive on phones/tablets that using 'apps' is only because some Users may look for an 'app' instead of using their browser). Anyway ...

          Brief background: The site ( is designed around Causes and helping with Requests they may have or other Users have (think Crowdfunding, but not just for money - there's an excellent new SEAO Plugin for monetary Crowdfunding). A customized button/widget may be placed on various pages that allows the User to choose what they want notifications of (ex. when new Requests are posted; when anyone or only Friends donate to this page), and which type (notification and/or email). I will be modifying this to include an option for this new Header Icon. This way, each User may choose not only whose Requests and Donations they want to know about, but also how they want to be notified (notification, email, new Icon, or any combination of the 3).

          It is the above new notification Icon/function that I plan on incorporating into the mobile apps. So this is sortof a 'push', but only for 1-2 types of content additions on specfic pages the User has selected. Thus, if something appears here, it's very very specific, and pre-selected content by the User.

          How do you see something like this used on your site Mikel?
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            Mikel Coreclark sounds like a great plugin if you can get it set up. then I can take a look at demo.
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        Mikel Coreclark Hei GS

        I agree, I don't like tobe harassed either. that's why I don't do push on normal websites and a reason I left facebook because of all the annoying adds, likes, follows.