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    Mikel Coreclark Hello people.
    Are there any people knowledgeable about themes. especially about theme insignia.
    Background: I am trying to create the colour scheme of theme 'slipstream' onto theme insignia (clone).
    I am 99% complete.
    The only issue I have is the border boxes, I just cant seem to change the border/boxes colours from insignia grey/white to the 'slipstream' green.
    I am not seeing what else I can change in constants.css to rectify this.

    Question: any solutions as to where I should look if it is possible to change these ?

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      Gabry Hello Mikel, just insert in your theme.css at the bottom the next code :

      .layout_left > .generic_layout_container, .layout_right > .generic_layout_container
      {border-color: #111111;
      border-width: 2px;}

      You can change the color as you want also the border width .. take care and succes ! (dont' forget to work in dev mode and clear cache)
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        Gabry Use the next website for color choose if you need it
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          Mikel Coreclark OH WOW that is a great site.
          I just normally used my standard colour chart. not as good as this recommended site.
          Thanks Gabry
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        Mikel Coreclark Thank you Gabry.
        I will add this info into my insignia clone.
        I will repost with an update on the result for others to read and see.

        Thanks again.
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        Donna Thank you [77,Gabry] for that answer. I was sick yesterday and up since 1am and just unable to look for the code at that point. Sorry [241595,Mikel Coreclark] for my lack of a good response yesterday. I'm sure Gabry's response will help you. :)
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          Mikel Coreclark AY, poorly little Tech bunny.
          Sorry to hear youre not well.
          Make sure you list it on GitHub, I'm sure theyl find a fix for you.
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          Gabry All the reply's are very good for community Donna and they are a start for solving an issue, and is special that you are most active in here and you help a lot of people ... sorry to hear about you not feeling good ...but try this code and it will help you :

          { tea: 1 cup;
          lemon: 1 slice;
          watching: a good movie;
          relax: 100% }

          Take care and have a good day !
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            Donna LOL thank you, I love tea! Yes, relaxing all weekend, or I will be. :)

            Helping the community is one of the things I love to do. Interacting with everyone and making friends and even becoming a closer community here is a goal. Got something coming soon I hope. :)
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      Donna Use inspect element to find the code and input it in the constants.css file for your cloned theme.