Twitter logo - need feedback please
Hello friends, after i have enabled twitter serviceĀ on my website , when i go to compose new message page the twitter icon appears on the bottom to publish my message also on twitter ... i think this is an error first of all because why should i publish on twitter a private message ?
Please give me some feedback if this is happening also for you ...thank you !

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    Gabry If already posted this i will like to ask ... is any way to disable the ADD Link, photo etc. ? I know i can hide them by css code, but maybe someone has another idea. Thank you !
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      Donna It would be better to start a new topic for that as this one is for twitter. Someone else looking for the same thing won't think to look in a twitter thread for removing link from email.

      I'll go add the bug report for the twitter issue to our internal list. :)
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    Donna This appears to be a bug. Have you already submitted it to our Github issue tracker?
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      Gabry Thank you Donna , i will do it after finish my jobs ... have a nice day !
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        Donna I've added it to our list to fix. :)