About Me on members profile page
Does anyone know how i would let members add HTML to about me, So members can add autoplaying youtube videos etc in About Me,

As younet has now done away with Advanced Layout Editor there not updating anymore it’s a real shame as my members loved it so now members have no HTML.

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    francesco pillininini If anyone comes up with this plugin i would buy it! :)
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    PoeticJustice Sorry to hijack this a bit, as this is an important point that you have touched on.

    I have very strong opinions on profile signup and data etc.

    I may raise this also as feature request on git hub. But as I love @SocialEngineSolutions Im also going to give them the idea of a plugin.... because I would buy it.

    Start off, the profile fields default widget is not great.
    It shows all the data entered on signup, unless admin chooses to hide it, to which affects the actual users profile when viewing own profile, because they loads of warnings saying (only you and admin can see this)

    Admin viewing all profiles sees the horrible warnings of (only you and admin can see this)

    And in browse members this same message is displayed, if you decided to show that data on browse members,

    which affects the tables.

    So a plugin called Advance Profile Fields Widget would be awesome, when adding the widget it shows all the prole questions, and you simply tick what want shown on that profile type page.

    If only Name and about me is ticked then thats all you see.

    That would be the best plugin ever, because I hate that there isnt a widget purely for about me tied to the about me specific profile question.

    @SocialEngineSolutions If you make this, I will buy it.
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      SocialEngineSolutions [508,PoeticJustice] : Thanks a lot for your trust and support in our team's work and capabilities. We will definitely discuss this work within our team and would develop this feature as this is the most demanded feature currently in SE marketplace.
      SocialEngineSolutions Support Team
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    PoeticJustice [271,francesco pillininini] I must say that [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] are the best if you have a query, then message them guys
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    Donna It can be a security concern to allow html on the site just so you know. If you really want this feature, you would want to contact a third party expert as it's not something we will make in our product due to security concerns for something like this.
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      francesco pillininini Thanks Donna,

      Yes i am aware of the security risks

      I have done it before and never had problems

      I will contact a developer


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    SocialEngineSolutions Hello [271,francesco pillininini] You can contact our support for more discussion on this work as it seems we can do this job.
    SES Team