How can I add a Widget in between of an activity feed like in facebook?
Hi all,
I was looking to add some widgets to add after some particular no of feed like after 5 feeds or 10 feeds in between of an activity feed process?
As in Facebook you might have seen that after 5 feed there is an suggestion for friends come or some ads or other things.
So I just wanted to know is this possible to do in SocialEngine or have any of you guys have done this earlier?
If yes than can you help me to achieve this or no than can you suggest how I can get this done?

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    SocialEngineSolutions [246165,Rajesh Kumar Rathor] : Yes, we have this solutions in our "Advanced News & Activity Feeds Plugin:" where you can show the Ads (created using SocialEngine Ads) and friends suggestions just like Facebook (using People You May Know plugin:
    You can view the demo here: .
    Test account details: / 123456
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    Donna You would need to code something for this or have it made. Most likely as a module and use hooks so you don't fiddle with editing source in the feed. I'm not sure if there's a plugin for this already. Did you check the marketplace?
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    Ankit Bhardwaj How to close a post?
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      Donna I can move this to the proper area. :)
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    Donna Please don't make duplicated posts. I deleted your duplicates. I'll look at this when I start working today.
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      Ankit Bhardwaj Sorry for that but I want this to cover all php group, there wasn't any way to add all group in one.