cPanel .ftp backup using JetBackup by JetApps
Wanted to share an excellent experience with a great product. 

Brief background: Host has been backing up site automatically for over a year, and there was always 1 weekly and 4-5 recent dailys.  Somewhere along the way, this changed due to less available space on my VPS (although I always made sure there was 40-50% available which originally was enough).  Anyway, due to a recent issue, I required a restore and found out they were only keeping the most recent day (plus weekly).  Manual backup have not been working in the past 2 weeks due to a cPanel issue.  Sooooo... I finally addressed something I started to but never completed.

Solution.  JetBackup to the rescue.  I purchased a Windows-based app a while ago to backup directly from .ftp to .ftp, but it was simply too slow.  JetBackup (a 'whopping' $4/mo) is incredible.  They installed it to cPanel/WHM for me (at no charge) and I may no backup whatever I wish - manually or on schedule - and it's quick (just as quick as my cPanel manual backups used to be from .ftp to .ftp).  So, no I can schedule my own offsite backups however I wish (some daily, some weekly, some (like databases) several times a day. 

The pre-sale questions and early questions after installation were responded to and answered in between several minutes to 30 minutes.  So, support is excellent.  Flexibility is awesome.  Speed/performance is fast.  Easy to setup/configure and monitor what's going on.  Oh - and @ $4/mo it's a no-brainer (my Windows-based backup cost around $300 plus updates plus support). 

So, in case anyone's looking for their own cPanel backup solution, JetBackup should be on your list to checkout. 

What recommendations do you have for your VPS/Dedicated Server configuration (not asking about clusters - that's an entirely different ballgame)?

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    Donna Nice tip! One more tip from me is to make sure your site is offline when backing up or it can cause corrupt backups. Best thing to do is schedule when the site is less active, set it to maintenance and then do the backup.

    I use cazaratech hosting who has automated offsite backup free with their plans. VPS is only $5 per month and cloud is I think $19. Self-contained vps and cloud so you aren't sharing anything with other sites. I don't use cpanel as it takes too many resources and I prefer to keep those for my sites.
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      gs Thanks for the tips Donna.

      I'll have to figure out something for regular backups because they will be automated and I won't be able to switch site to maintenance. To turn the site 'on/off' throughout the day for backup up MySQL files and other times for regular backups simply isn't acceptable, so I'll have to see what others are doing to get around this. To force any software to be 'offline' to make backups is not what I've ever experienced (until SE I guess).
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        Donna It is recommended for any dynamic site with any script I've used. Main reason is, if users are adding to the db during a backup, it can make corrupt backup as the backup could get half of the data being input by users.
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          gs Ugh :(

          So that means that even the automated backups the Host is providing are potentially corrupted. So basically, short of going manually going offline every single time you wish to make a backup, there's the potential the backup is useless. This whole web server thing is far to unsafe for me - I'm too used to the LAN/WAN world where backups are not an issue, but now it seems they are potentially useless on web servers.
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            Donna Smaller sites won't have as much of an issue. I have a friend with a 10,000 member site whose users are about 300 online concurrently at all times of the day. She has told them that the site will go down during the 2am-4am time frame for the daily backups. IIRC, her server tech at cazaratech sets the server to offline during these backups. The reason is that her users are adding content at such a rate that if you blink while on the main feed, it is already filled the feed twice at least (meaning in order to see all the new feeds, you need to click "view more"). In her case, the site must be offline to have a good backup.

            Ask your server folks if they can do the same sort of thing for you so that you don't have to put it in maintenance.
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