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    Donna Post moved to PHP Tips and Suggestions. This is where you can discuss your ideas. :)
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    Mikel Coreclark Hei folks.
    Mikel here.
    I am wondering if it is possible to have a dedicated forum section for an exchange / discussion for network building hints and tips that have worked or not worked (I don't like the word failed as this mostly means the plan was bad, and not simply it did not work the way you wanted)

    Anyway what I am thinking is network admin / owners can swap success stories or exchange ideas before they are put into practice so we can learn from others knowledge of what worked or did not work and so improve or tweek ideas.
    As many brains and eyes can see things in many different ways than our own to solve issues such as attracting new members, advertising / marketing, ideas to stay clear from.

    Any views ??
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      gs Good idea Mikel.

      Are you thinking of a separate Category or just (like it is now) post everything to Tips/Suggestions? I was thinking a separate 'network' (or similarly named) category would make more sense to keep them better grouped, but that would obviously require SE to approve and implement.

      My hope is that SE keeps improving, that more people come here and share ideas and we can help each other (without all the negativity/trashing that occurred at 'the other place'). I really miss the huge client knowledge base that was built there over the years - much of it was very helpful.