Handling Menuitems
Its such a basic thing like If there are multiple member levels people would like to customize who can view what menu item. There is no answer from any of the socialengine related forums at all. Please do post if there are any effective methods to achieve too.
Amarnath S Gauravarjanam

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    SocialEngineSolutions [220495,varshaan] Yes, as Donna said, it seems to be useful suggestion. And also, there can be 2 aspects:
    a. If the menu item is coming from a plugin, then there is a setting in the admin panel of the plugin to enable / disable viewing of that plugin based on member level (menu item will not come in case if viewing not allowed), b. You have created a new page and new menu and you want to limit the menu item of this page to some Member Levels, then instead of creating pages from Layout Editor, you can use our "Page Builder and Shortcodes Plugin: https://www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/page-builder-and-shortcodes-plugin/" to create pages which has option to Hide / Show menu item of that page to specific member levels.

    Let me know if this helps, otherwise if you need it customized you can contact our team at: support@socialenginesolutions.com
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      gs Just a recommendation from a User of the Pagebuilder Plugin as well as someone who has been fortunate to have had customizations done by SES (including a custom header and menu structure). The Plugin is great and very useful/flexible, and the customizations by SES are fantastic and function as expected.
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    Donna Hi Amarnath,

    Thanks for posting. This is the only official SocialEngine forum and this is the first time I've seen you post it here. :)

    This sounds like a good improvement if a member level does not have permission to view or post in that plugin then the menu should not show to them.

    Is that what you mean or do you mean something else?

    I am not sure if this plugin does what you want, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/advanced-menus-plugin and tried to search for more "menu" plugins but didn't find any. It is possible there is another one that I missed. You could check with the expert that made the plugin I linked to see if it allows for viewing based on member levels and I'm sure they will let you know.
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      gs Yes that's a great Menu Plugin (but I have not used it since a custom header/menu was built so I don't recall if there are ML settings - a quick email to SEAO should get the OP their answer).

      re ==> " if a member level does not have permission to view or post in that plugin then the menu should not show to them"

      You know me Donna - I would prefer this to be optional. On my site, there are sections I do not want Users to be aware of (i.e. hide the menu item), but other sections I do want them to be aware of (for subscription upgrade purposes), so in this case I do want to include Menu Items even if when selected a message is displayed informing them they must upgrade to have access.