Social Engines Add on plugins account for sale
My friend has asked me to put it out there.

He has an account with loads of Social Engine Addons.
He is selling account as whole.

It contains
Responsive Luminous Theme v4.9.2
Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin v4.9.2p1
Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin v4.9.2p8
Advanced Photo Albums Plugin v4.9.2p3
Advanced Slideshow Plugin - Multiple Slideshows v4.9.1p1
Documents / Scribd iPaper Plugin v4.8.8

And various other plugins which I believe are free ones.

If your interested drop me a message.... no buying one or two, you will be buying the account, and then change all details for your own details
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    SocialEngineAddOns Hello [508,PoeticJustice] , all licenses of our SocialEngineAddOns products are non-transferable. For re-selling our software, which would lead to transfer of license, you need explicit permission of SocialEngineAddOns by submitting details of the new licensee. For this, please contact us from here: .
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      PoeticJustice Hi [81,SocialEngineAddOns]

      Totally appreciate the reply, obviously, the first issue here is, there isn't a licensee as of yet.

      If its ok with you that this post remains finding a potential buyer, and if a potential buyer is found, then my friend will contact you asking explicitly asking if its ok.

      the resell will benefit yourself and my friend, as my friend doesn't have money for a plugin you have for sale that he wants.

      and by reselling to someone who doesn't have the money for retail, they get a taste of your products, and therefore leads to a new email address lead you didn't have, and potential to keep buying more of your products.

      thanks in advance, this is for my friend as mentioned
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    PoeticJustice Please can you confirm this [81,SocialEngineAddOns]

    It was a friend who asked me, he doesnt want to resell individual plugins and to ask yourself to transfer to others account. He simply wants to sell his account.

    If its not allowed then that is very sad. Id be upset to buy a BMW then not allowed to sell it because its not used.
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      Donna A car is far different from software. All software is like this. Try to resell a Microsoft Windows license without permission and see how far it gets you into the court system. Software is copyrighted and falls under the Digital Millenia Copyright Act (DMCA) to protect the assets of the company or individual that made it. Everyone needs to earn in order to survive. Software has a far smaller window of earning potential yet it is always evolving and costs must always be put into R&D (Research and Development) in order to be relevant in today's society.
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        PoeticJustice try and resell Microsoft licence without permission and see how far it gets you into the court system.
        Court system is very extreme [231316,Donna] very extreme to say.
        And Digital Millenia Copyright Act (DMCA) means absolutely nothing outside of the USA.

        And saying "Everyone needs to earn in order to survive" - Well if i have to resell in order to survive, this statement basically saying...... well except you, your not allowed to survive.

        I get it, but thats an extreme Donna, come-on

        What a silly comment, I better not sell my digital currency online, incase bitcoin, eth, sia coin, lite coin take me to court
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          Donna Hi [508,PoeticJustice] ,

          I only used Microsoft as it was closest I could think of to compare to the BMW you mentioned. :) Nothing extreme was meant. You sorta know me by now. I try to help and support everyone around.

          My own products allow trading but only with express written permission. When I had them for sale. Now I have them all for free but still no trading without permission since they are free, I prefer people come to me for them. :)

          For earnings, I can see both sides. I always understand the client view as I'm one. I always also understand the developer view as I am one. I also understand the company view as I'm an employee so I have a unique set of views. :)

          I hope this all works out for you, your friend and SEAO as it is quite hard to earn on something that only costs $49 or less per item.

          Have a great night. Hope you aren't near the storms coming my way.
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            Donna [508,PoeticJustice] Yes that would be a lot to spend. Hopefully, this all works out for everyone involved.
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            PoeticJustice totally get that its hard to earn on a $50 plugin, thats why i actually help sponsor devs behind the scene.

            but some plugins can be just as expensive as an SE licence, ive seen some range from $289 which is hard to commit and if purchased and rubbish, you be stuck and it will make you disheartened
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    PoeticJustice Piracy??? these all have serial keys attached? and the domains can be changed.

    Don't get how this is considered Piracy
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      Donna Hi @PoeticJustice ,

      What I mean is that many folks don't understand what piracy actually can be and so can get in a mess when they find out after. If a product is purchased, or free, from a third party expert or even from SocialEngine, it has terms attached with it. License keys or licensing is part of it. Each expert (and SE) set the terms for ownership and transfer if allowed. If transfer is not allowed, then if someone tries to transfer it without permission, it is considered pirating the product as it's being redistributed and breaking the terms of the contract (license, terms, etc).

      Hope that helps explain it.
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    Donna Please make sure this does not go against their terms of service. We do have policies in place regarding new changes to our piracy policy and we would not want to see someone get in a mess because they didn't read SEAO's terms of service. Perhaps [81,SocialEngineAddOns] can confirm whether this is allowed within their terms.