"Like" customizing
I want to use an alternate term/icon for the standard "Like" in the Like-Comments-Delete-Share menu.  Any suggestions?  Can it be done?
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    SocialEngineAddOns [247344,Steve Honikman] We will be happy to help you out with your requirement!
    You may contact us here: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/contact for further discussion on this.
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    Mikel Coreclark Hei. It can be done but there could be negative reactions.
    As all actions such as 'like' 'share' 'comment' are scripted and have pathways and links, you may have to alter script which will have a negative impact on your SE licence/terms.

    In some cases all you need to do is alter words in the 'language' section
    But in my experience 'like' is a universal action that everyone recognises. and therefore best left as 'like'
    I have broken parts of my old site by doing similar action / changes.

    What you are best off doing is looking for an app/module that can add such changes to your site. there are great developers that can make one for you.
    The best I know that I have used are:
    Scripttechs (donna)
    social engine addons.
    There are others also.

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      Steve Honikman Thanks Mikel, I'm building a music focused network and want the "Like" option to better represent a music theme/vibe therefore. I think you're right about the developers community, and will check out Scripttechs!

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        SocialEngineSolutions [247344,Steve Honikman] : We would be glad to assist you with your music focused network. We also have an Advanced Music Plugin for the purpose and could assist you in changing the texts as well.
        You can explore our Advanced Music Plugin here: https://www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/advanced-music-albums-songs-playlists-plugin/ .

        We also have solution to continue playing Music on page loads.
        You can contact is here: https://www.socialenginesolutions.com/contact-us/