Android and iOS app for Social engine website
I have a web platform built upon social engine. I want to create Android and iOS apps for the same. Please suggest the appropriate plugins for this and can the Social Engine PHP code be directly migrated to the Mobile app?
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    SocialEngineAddOns [246165,Ankit Bhardwaj]

    We have developed 100% Native Android and iOS Apps specially for SocialEngine PHP website. SocialEngine PHP code is already merged in our Mobile Apps with SocialEngine REST API. You can go through our REST API plugin from here :

    For any queries, you may contact our support here:
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    gs I personally use the mobile apps by SEAO. What I especially like is that when adding Menu Items (for SEAO Plugins) you may use their built-in mobile app functionality (for their Plugins that have been coded accordingly) or use the standard webview option (which I believe must be used for non-SEAO Plugins). In addition, they offer packages to either publish using their Store Account (less expensive, but less control) or your own (more expensive, but more control).

    Although I haven't used the mobile apps by Hire-Experts, I have used some of their other Plugins and their support (both excellent). They're another great Dev. (btw - I selected SEAO Mobile Apps primarily because the majority of the Plugins on the site are from them, so for compatibility and support reasons, this made the most sense). Check out the links Donna provided for more info.
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      SocialEngineAddOns @gs Thanks for using and liking our Mobile Apps.

      Third party plugins (or some SocialEngineAddOns Plugins) that are not natively integrated with the app can also be very well made available in the app via WebView. Hence, all the main features of a website can be made available in the Android & iOS App.
      For more details, please read our article:
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    Donna Are you looking to make your own or use a ready-made plugin? The marketplace would have some mobile apps in the mobile apps section if you mean ready made. If you want to make your own, I have a thread on my site that shows some links for mobile app wrappers.
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      Ankit Bhardwaj I want to make a mobile app for an already existing website (created using social engine). I don't see any guide for creating iOS or android apps. All I want is to make a mobile app using social engine and some already existing plugin, if required. I am fairly new to social engine (working from past 1 week only :)), so some pointers around how to create a mobile app will be really helpful. And is it possible to just convert the website code to the mobile app code using social engine and some of its plugin?
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        SocialEngineMobi Team Hi! As mobile developers with 5+ years experience we can offer you custom app creation service with various architectures (depending on your requirements). Feel free to PM us for details, we'll be always glad to collaborate.
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        Donna Welcome to SocialEngine :)

        Here are the listings for various mobile products, as you may be interested in more than one thing. Those are provided by third party developers who can answer any questions you may have about them, at their sites.

        Here's a thread at my site with a list of some free mobile app wrappers that you can do yourself. Some might take coding and some might not. I don't recall as I don't use any mobile apps on my sites.