4.9.xx Plugin List is Alphabetical but Isn't?
I'm sure this isn't an SE issue (which is why I'm asking here first rather than initially posting an issue @ github).

What is actually controlling the order in this list?  For example, I have some items that are not alpha (based on the displayed information) but are (if only looking at the Plugin name).  Example is HE - Credits and HE - Virtual Gifts - the first is in alpha based on 'C' and the second based on 'V' but due to the 'HE' before it, it looks out of order.

When this new feature was discussed (not sure if here or github or both), I mentioned this would only be userful/accurate if it was consistent - and SE would have to require Devs to be consistent (which they may have been).  I suggested that being alpha would be helpful if the Dev name preceeded it (which based on my list, SES and SEAO are doing, but 4 other devs are not).  So this new 'alpha' order isn't really alpha due to Devs still doing whatever they wish to do. 

Not sure what ADMINs would prefer about the sequence.  Although I prefer to be alpha (with Dev name preceeding Plugin name, in order to keep them grouped together), others may wish differently.  So I guess I have a two-fold question here:
A)  Specifically, what is this order based on
B)  What format do Devs prefer (Dev + Plugin names or just Plugin name)?

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    Donna As a site owner, I prefer them to be Alpha order. Yes, it is hard to find plugins if they are not. I don't add a lot of plugins and only use the ones I make but I have seen client sites with many plugins and it is very hard to find things without sorting.

    As a dev, I prefer them alpha as well - Dev name with product name. Or at least dev abbreviation with product name.
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      gs A) So, what exactly is SE using for sorting since my sorting seems a little off
      C) Does SE enforce the above somehow or leave it up to Devs (again, since my sort is not consistent)?

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        Donna From what I see, the plugins sort alphabetically in my admin panels by the plugin name. I think for now, it would be best for clients to ask third party experts to ensure they put their company initials or name before the plugin name for every plugin. I don't see any feature request in github to add any sorting mechanism for plugins.
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          gs Coding standards ... I didn't want to be the one to open that can of worms :)

          But I'm sincerely grateful that you did.
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          gs Thanks Donna.

          I mentioned I wasn't sure where the Alpha sort was discussed - it may have just been part of the 4.09 milestone and/or changelogs.

          Since I can't seem to find a way to attach a file or copy/paste a screenshot here (guess I'm not bright enough today), below is a partial list that may help explain the issues with this 'alpha' list:
          Access Manager
          Advanced Forms
          HE – Credits
          Favourite pages
          Folder / File Sharings
          Moderator Toolbox
          Photo Albums

          You will notice:
          - SE Plugins don't have SE or SocialEngine before the Plugin (Groups, Photo Albums, Blogs, etc)
          - HE - Credits is not listed alphabetically based on what is displayed (which is why I asked what exactly is this list sorting on - and if the Plugin name, then that means some Devs include their Dev name as part of the Plugin name (HE, SES, SEAO). HE - Virtual Gifts (not above) is listed in the 'V' area of the list

          RE: Clients asking 3rd-Party Devs ...
          - It would be great if SE required this from the Devs. Plus, if clients ask, the Devs may receive different ideas and thus still do whatever they decide to do.

          I guess what I'm getting at is that some features (such as this could-be-useful Alpha Sort feature) are only as useful as the requirement and enforcement of certain parameters, and this must come from the primary manufacturer/developer (SE in this case).
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            Donna I agree. We need a coding standards. I'll bring it up as soon as I can.
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