3rd-Party Cores going away? ADMINs able to view some SE2Dev discussions?
Two-fold (but related) question:
1.  In an email exchange with 8 3rd-Party Devs re: their upgrades to 4.9.xx, one of them mentioned (no I won't say who) that their Core would be removed soon as per a request from SE to all Devs.  Is this true?

2.  The above (as well as many items related to 4.9.xx upgrade over the past 6+ months, such as MarketPlace, reviews, etc) seem to be disclosed/discussed with 3rd-Party Devs but not with ADMINs.  Obviously there may be some things that may be no business of ADMINs but there are others that may be of interest (for planning purposes, input/suggestions, etc.).  Is it simply a policy issue to not share things like this with us ADMINs?  Also, am I the only ADMIN that's interested in this type of info (i.e. because if so, I would never ask SE to make changes for one ADMIN, so this Topic could be deleted)?

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    PoeticJustice As in removing their core, do you mean the devs basic plugins that have to be installed prior to a plugin, is set to be removed.

    Hell yea im up for them cores to become obsolete, except social engine solutions basic core because that has features and widget that I find useful
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      Mikel Coreclark Hei. Yes. I'm not fully upto date with tech knowledge but I knew it was for a good reason.

      as I don't have the facts or reasoning about this. I would urge you to read Donnas Reply contained in this thread. It will explain better. I trust her word and knowledge about such things.

      This is all I know about this subject and is not based on SE Facts. Also I don't want to start a gossip and hear-say thread in case others read and misunderstand what we talked about and start to panic.

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    Mikel Coreclark Hei GS.
    Just 1 question, Have you asked the devs why they are to remove Cores ?
    This is not confirmed by SE or any 3rd party Devs so should not be taken as fact.
    If I remember correctly or not, a long time ago on several release notes by devs, I read that as new SE tech and script is released '3rd party dev cores' would not be needed and may/should be fazed out over time.

    I don't expect devs to stop using cores if it was going to harm their products at this time or in the future unless they had updates for products already in use.
    On an older site I had, a few apps/modules started off with cores but then devs released updates that made cores not needed. This had no impact on my site, in fact things worked better.
    Since you have a greater relationship with devs than I do maybe you can ask for confirmation ?

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      gs Thanks for the reply Mikel.

      As far as aking Devs about this, I felt it would be better to go to the supposed source of the request (SE) to address its existence, etc. Plus, I try to keep commnications with Devs for 3 reasons: A) purchase related (Plugins & estimates for customization); B) tech support issues; C) kudos and other non-work related things (such as thank yous, great plugin, etc.).

      My hope is that Devs will move away from cores as SE takes up the Anti-Piracy mantle. They may still require something like a 'core' for code-sharing/calling (or similar) purposes. I've got 5 active cores on my site (besides SE) which I'd like to eliminate.
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        Donna Hi [185918,gs] and [241595,Mikel Coreclark] ,

        Thanks for posting. We are a bit dismayed that private communications are being relayed to public areas before a good solution was found for this topic.

        In regards to why we didn't contact all clients as well, we took input from clients that contacted us - both current clients and potential clients - regarding this topic and sent a communication out to experts regarding the "cores," callbacks and core (SocialEngine code) edits. We have a smaller developer community than client community so sending communications is generally easier with the developer community right now. We're working on a solution for that and have been for a few months now though. We do want your feedback. Up until now, it was more difficult to receive it other than the ones that contact us in support. Hopefully, we'll have something soon (we will have a blog about it) and we hope it will be better for everyone as it has been requested quite a bit in various forum threads I've seen here.

        Since we already had feedback (complaints and concerns) from clients and potential clients regarding this topic, we felt it would be best to act now in order to improve the situation for all involved. There were issues from upgrading; clients that can't allow callbacks to external sources other than the main (SE) source (license validation, rss feed in admin); clients that had site issues from source code (core) edits; businesses that would not be able to use our product or third party products due to the core callbacks by third parties and other scripts didn't have that; clients that didn't want to load all of the dependencies for every product an expert makes, just so they can have one product work; security concerns from clients and potential clients, etc.

        Due to that, we sent the email out to experts. We then sent another one telling them to hold off while we find a solution for the dependency issue that will work for everyone involved. No one wants to load extra stuff if they buy a lot of products from a developer and have to reload css or js, etc that each product uses. On the other hand, no one wants to load all of the css, js, etc for every product a developer makes if they are using one product that doesn't use all of that stuff.

        We do appreciate your feedback and see that you both seem to also like the idea of not having the current "core" systems that many third party experts are using at the moment.
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          gs ==>Thanks for posting. We are a bit dismayed that private communications are being relayed to public areas before a good solution was found for this topic.

          I apologize - I didn't realize it would be considered private and/or relaying it in public areas before a good solution was found. It was a response to quesitoning why the core versions were the same for their 4.09 and 4.8.13 products and that was part of the reply (obviously based on the above, this wasn't private as many clients and devs have already been involved). My sincerest apologies - simply remove the topic and I'll PM you. I'll consider PM you in the future before I post some topics anywhere.

          Yes, there are many topics that discuss similar issue but after searching through 3 pages of them here I didn't see anything specific to this issue - only general discussions, desires, wishes, hopes, ideas, etc. If I missed it somewhere, again I apologize.

          Regarding both #1 and #2, part of the issue is feeling left in the dark on so may things and then some of them suddenly 'appear' (even though some knew they were coming).

          Well, there's no point in continuing my excuses - all I can do is profusely apologize and in the future somehow predetermine who should be asked what and where. Again, so sorry.
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            Donna Don't worry. It's ok. :) We are not, and I am not, upset with you at all. It's a topic that we had feedback from and tried to act on with experts. We did plan on announcing it once we had something worked out. No need to remove this. No need to worry either. We're cool. :)

            Regarding the thing that is coming, it's for better communication with everyone. I can't say more but there are several threads here where clients and experts were frustrated due to posting issues here. ;)
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