Content Privacy Settings - honour the settings
I remember seeing this recently as a Bug that was fixed (at least in some SE modules).  This post is primarily for SE to respond.

My question here is this: Have 3rd-Party Devs been notified of this and urged to fix their similar bugs?  For example, Plugins from one specific Dev experienced this same issue since I began using their Plugins (2015), but they refused to address the issue.  Now that it's a known-SE Issue, they are willing to fix their related bugs as well.  But, although 3+ months ago they said they would fix this in 7-8 weeks, when I asked last week I was informed they haven't even started (it seems security/privacy isn't as important as other issues).  So I'm wondering:
A) Has SE notified/requested Devs to fix these related bugs (if they have any)
B) If above is Yes, how urgent or 'required' is this request (i.e. so that Devs will address this exposure issue immediately rather than whenever, or not at all)

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    Donna We have not notified developers as it is their responsibility to fix their privacy issues. They will see that we've fixed it though as we will definitely post the changelogs which they all like to see. :)

    4.9.3 has all of the plugins (SE plugins) fixed for privacy btw.
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      gs Thank you for the update Donna. Glad to hear things are fixed in 4.09.03.

      I understand that it's the Devs' responsibility to 'do their job', but I wasn't sure how much 'expectation' or 'requirements' SE has with Devs. Maybe someday this can all be part of the Review process in the MarketPlace for Devs (i.e. open/unresolved issues, refusal to fix bugs, etc.) so it's easy to spot the Devs that are more responsible than others.
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        Donna I agree it should be checked and I hope they fix it without intervention. However, once we have something set up for clients, you'll be able to alert us much easier of issues.