How to add a payment gateway other than 2CO and paypal?
I was using 2CO but they said they will not allow service for our website.
Paypal don't allow India to India (Indian currency).
So I was thinking to add any other payment gateway.
Earlier I asked but they said only 2 payment gateway supported as of now on SE.
But yesterday I checked socialEngine Addons website they have use something else.
So Just wanted to know Can I or I cant? incase I want to use other payment gateways.

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    SocialEngineAddOns [246165,Ankit Bhardwaj] Required payment gateway for your SocialEngine community can easily be integrated using our "Advanced Payment Gateways / Stripe Connect / PayPal Adaptive Plugin" ( ) This plugin comes pre-integarted with Stripe, Stripe Connect, PayPal Adaptive, MangoPay, PayUmoney and Paynow payment gateways.

    For futher queries on this, please contact us here: