Licences and callbacks to verify products
This is something that's bothered me for a while.

more so played on my mind.

can the process of the licences with SE and 3rd parties be explained.

there was a day basically that I installed a plugin, and when activating on install, it wouldn't have it. I searched online for the devs website and it was temporarily down.
soon as site was up again, the plugin installed.

there was another time also where I was on my site and a plugin completely failed to work, the widgets just wasn't displaying, I cleared cache everything and still no joy.... and discovered the devs website was down for maintenance...

now these issues coild could have been 100% coinsidental.
ans I never questioned it until someone asked me to help them on their se site.

but they asked this question on licences.

they asked do these plugins only work based on the companies still being active.
they said what if I buy this plugin install it, their site is down for maintence, database errors or they decided to give it all up.....

what happens then, because how would you save settings of a plugin, that shows the callback product key code that's linked to their website.

so yea how does this work, could we spend thousands on our site and potentially because the licences communicate with devs, if they left or site was down, does that kill all our plugins by that company?

and if their site is down for maintenance, does that kill the plugin from functioning until their site is up and running again???? 
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    Donna We do understand our clients' concerns and we will keep this topic open for discussions. Feel free to discuss this but please do keep confidential issues private and please do not post any coding examples for any that do come and respond.

    [508,PoeticJustice] we will be considering our clients' concerns with regards to callbacks that keep an open connection. We will be discussing matters and have answers soon.
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    SocialEngineAddOns [508,PoeticJustice] , SocialEngineAddOns licensing system callbacks to verify valid product installs only. Our plugins will keep on working fine even if our website goes down; there is absolutely no dependence there.

    PS: Topics such as Licensing system are highly confidential and should not be discussed on public forums.

    You can do a PM in case you have any queries.
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      PoeticJustice Good to know about the callbacks tho, this was a developer thats no longer arround that i experienced the issue, but as they are an example of a dev who has disapeared, the plugin stopped working etc
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      PoeticJustice Didnt think this was a public forum?

      Thought only people who have physically paid for SE can join this site, am I wrong [231316,Donna]
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        Donna It is public in the sense that anyone can read the threads. Only members can respond.
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    Donna We've answered in the other thread asking about the cores by third parties. I'll have more details today I hope. We don't want callbacks such as you describe. That's the biggest concern from clients today and prospective clients as well.
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    PoeticJustice [231316,Donna] [81,SocialEngineAddOns] [196,Eugene] [185918,gs] thoughts and opinions welcomed unless you clearly know the answers etc
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      gs ==>" thoughts and opinions welcomed unless you clearly know the answers etc "
      Ha - I don't even know the answer to what I'm having for dinner, and I have even fewer answers about SE :)

      I didn't reread the following linked issue, so it may not address the specific questions above, but it is related to Licensing and callbacks

      Since the process has to be fair for everyone, I believe (for the sake of SE and 3rd-Party Devs) there could be a periodic callback to check for validity of all licenses, but it should be seldom (ex. once/day), should callback to SE (i.e. not each individual Dev), and should NOT prevent access to or usage of the Plugins on the installed site (i.e. since many legitimate issues could cause a 'bad flag' and thus should be looked at manually by a person, unless it has previously been decided it's a pirate install). Nothing should shut down a site, except a manual determination after research (so even if the SE 'licensing' System is down indefinitely, we ADMINs are not negatively impacted. That's a summary of my position, but there's lots more in that link at github.

      I have experienced Plugins where a Dev has specifically stated they only validate/check the license upon installation, but suddenly when the Plugin didn't work (after it was installed/valid) it required days for the Dev to fix the issue and then they provided me another key. The reason I mention this is that just because a Dev says something, obviously it doesn't mean it's true (as in this case - I was already 'valid' but something (they never said what) happened and prevented usage of the Plugin (which means they were still checking AFTER the installation, which they said they don't do).

      Another question is who is going to pay for this 'system' (whatever 'system' is determined to be) because there is obviously a cost (develop + ongoing) for SE as well as somewhat for 3rd-Party Devs. I'm sure the answer here (since there's more ADMINs than Devs) is to make SE and Devs pay for it. Well, either they eat the cost or pass it on to ADMINs somehow anyway. My belief is that this will benefit everyone (well, except the pirates - ha) and is only caused by illegal activity - so they are to blame, not Devs. I'd gladly pay a 1x or annual fee to make my life easier and prevent my site from experiencing what I already did. Something's got to give somewhere - SE and 3rd-Party Devs can't keep doing constant/ongoing updates for years and get nothing out of it from ADMINs (in between major releases). Okay - too long of a post. My apologies.
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        PoeticJustice Agree about the updates, and ill be the first to chip in on a crowd fund for SE, as long as a feature/features wanted suggested are implemented etc

        I really dont know how many admins there are out there still active like myself and others as are you..
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          gs ==>"I really dont know how many admins there are out there still active like myself and others as are you.. "

          Yeh - it seems from here and github the list is dozens not thousands, but maybe some ADMINs have nothing to input. My hope is to have a thriving community here some day with a better forum (more functionality and more advanced searching). My concern (fear?) is that things can get quite ugly fast (which it was at 'the other place'), which requires more time (i.e. cost) to monitor the whole thing and a business has only so many resources to spread around (unless they allow non-staff moderators which is risky). Thanks for being one of the good ones here who's active.