Terms and Conditions, privacy and cookies
As much as this is a feature request / suggestion, this kind of stems to both Social Engine and all 3rd parties.

As SE knows their script inside and out, I was wondering if SE would look into providing templates of Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie policy for all countries that potentially buy their products.

As cookie policies you have to list all the cookies your site has and what each does etc, and this can be hard as us buyers dont fully know all the cookies that are implimented and their functions.

This cookie request goes to 3rd party devs also, if SE makes it mandatory for them to disclose all cookies names, and functions to the buyers.

And if the 3rd party can provide any suggestions based on terms and conditions that could arrise as per that plugins function.

Generic templates are hard for social networks, esp as there is unique functions other sites dont have
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    Mikel Coreclark Hei. I have had some experience in creating terms and cons and cookies.

    Trust me, Its a tricky path to walk.
    However , I have quiet a good T and C page, privacy page and a basic section on cookies. Also a section on rule breaking, punishment system, harassment, bullying, stalking, slander, criminal activity, selling, personal information (as my members have to register their personal address for security and legal reasons).
    FELL FREE TO COPY AND ALTER WHAT YOU LIKE. that best helps you.
    My pages are best set for the UK but some clauses relate to international territories and laws. I have kept everything simple and generic so it does not scare people away plus most members will not read them anyway. But these can give you a starting hand.
    here is my site url: majuuna.com
    hope this helps
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    Donna Thank you for your feedback.

    This is not something we can do as there are too many areas to consider. Countries/States/Provinces, etc all can have their own requirements.

    However, there are a lot of places online that offer assistance with these concerns. For my own site, after I crafted my terms and privacy policies, I had a local attorney that is versed in internet laws look them over. Due to legalities involved, we recommend clients do the same.

    For cookie policies, clients can check for recommendations from different sources. Since many use Google and other analytics, there are recommendations at those sites for how to handle the cookie issue.

    Having users be required to agree to your terms and privacy policies is a great idea as they are acknowledging that they agree before they join. Generally, the privacy policy contains details for information collected (cookies).

    Here's a basic cookie policy from Vimeo which is a good example: https://vimeo.com/cookie_policy

    and one from LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/cookie-policy

    That should help you see the various ways in which your site can use cookies and how to put a policy together. I keep mine in the privacy policy.

    Note when creating your policies not to copy any from sources such as what I linked. They have copyright policies and this can fall under those policies. Plus, with Google's policy against duplicate posts, you could also get in a mess with Google if copying policies from other sites. It's best to just use them as guidelines to put your own policies together and then have legal sources look them over.

    Hope this was helpful.