Trouble getting targeted traffic? Here is an idea for you
first and foremost, I will not tell you how to do your stuff, but I will try and help everyone out as much as I can.

There is 2 great ways to get targeted traffic and that will improve your google ranking. Stumbleupon is the biggest and best one, install a stumble button and share everything there. But remember, stumbleupon is like a baby, you need to play with it for the traffic to come. Stumble as much content you can in a day to get more targeted traffic per share.

The second way is

Here you put your link in a directory and your site gets vote up and down, reviews and so on. This site will also need you to do a little work. You must review a limited amount of sites per day. Your site will then move up places in the rank. But it gives you quality targeted traffic and not just random traffic.

The last one, signup at my site. Post your url and it will be shared on stumbleupon,facebook,twitter,google+,digg and pinteres.

At my site you can post as much you want. No restrictions. Like stumbleupon, there you can only post a limited amount of posts on your account. only gives you 1 link.

You will get backlinks from all of these 3 alternatives.