I finally got it !
For a few days and nights I have been brainstorming on how to do a clean site ( not porn related ) using SE cloud finally today I got it.....The closer you are to something, the harder it is to see it and that's what was happening to me, I will let you guys know as soon as its ready.
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    Drew Frey Excited to see what you come up with [228,Danny]
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      Danny http://www.iskaraoketime.com/
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      Danny Actually I have two ideas one long forgotten until I went to an old youtube account and discovered that the views on my videos are from the 100K to 600K which is not bad considering I posted about 6 videos and never did anything with that account again.

      The second site that I already started with cloud yesterday is more close to my day to day work and it's a way to help other people in my same trade.

      I will be posting the links as soon as is ready.