I like it, but...
I get it and I like it... It loads fast - but when a new user logs in - all they really see is a list! It's not very inspiring.

Essentially - it's just a list of what people have posted - no order or logic. I think people would get very bored of looking at lists??
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    Matt Macias Please keep in mind guys that this is only one theme! We'll have others besides just boring lists of posts :) Here's a quote from Alex, "This theme is focused on link/media-sharing and voting, with mechanics similar to those on Reddit, Quora, Hacker News, etc. Other themes will help let you build all kinds stuff."
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    Alex Benzer Also the feed order is totally configurable by you as the admin!
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    Alex Benzer What you don't see in this theme are comments, which can be displayed below each item in the list. Also, we are building tons of other widgets that you can throw in to show different stuff.

    SE4 is basically just a list of activity feed items, with other stuff shown in widgets in the left/right gutter. This is inherently the same thing, but focused more on posting links to external content rather than just posting "status updates". Major SEO benefit with this new format, and people can express themselves and their interests using content from anywhere on the web.
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    HIFI SE agree sam. our SE4 website need to do a after sign in redirect to Member's Profile page. For example www.socialbrella.com/socialbrella