Hey guys. Our site is now live!
Hi. Our launch date is just around the corner: 3*1*13.

We are extremely excited and want to give a huge thanks to the seTweaks Developers for helping bring VoiceBee to life literally. (Special thanks to Ali. Thanks my new friend).

Just to let you know, our BEE gets happy when you click on the video, request invite, or place your cursor on him. Yeah he's a HAPPY BEE and we are doing the HAPPY BEE DANCE TOO because I am officially following my dream.

Thanks to the SE team for providing an amazing platform.

Hope you enjoy your visit to VoiceBee ;-)

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    info Your site is amazing [1007,VoiceBee] , I wish you luck and success!
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    seTweaks You're welcome Kim, It was nice working with you and I hope you'll have a great success with the site.
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      Kimmie Thank you Ali. You are sooooo amazing that I will be doing a testimony here shortly. I just have to gather my thoughts to keep from writing a book. I want everyone to understand how talented and professional you are ;-).
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    SportzHype [1007,VoiceBee] Love the landing page, also all the details that people take for granted that you did was awesome... small things like the footer of your site "© 2013 VoiceBee About F.A.Q Help Blog Guidelines Safety Tips Copyright Terms Privacy Press Advertise Facebook Twitter Youtube" many more things we loved, just remember us little guys when you blow up! :) Great work.
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      Kimmie [5892,SportzHype] , this is the most amazing compliment one could ever hope for. Thank you, thank you, thank you because writing is not really my strength. So to have those pages complimented means the world to me. I wish you great success and I really don't see you as a little guy. You are actually looking quite like one of the "Big Dogs" of social media. Congrats to you and thanks again for the compliment.
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    Danny I found this bug in your hive when you open the video and close it i get a piece of the video image instead of the logo http://gyazo.com/1891f2494150fd6d0e7b2dbdc693ebe2.png?1361635787

    PS; I was using Chrome
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      Kimmie Danny at dinner I read this post on my cell phone and we all cracked up. Very funny my friend. Loved it!

      However, I don't get that bug. Can others visit the site and see if the same thing happens? I would deeply appreciate it. [73,seTweaks] , [2440,Robin] , [6223,Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen] , [5892,SportzHype] , [1450,Trieu Thanh Tuan] , [218,s.ziyad] , [294,info] , [250,Drew Frey] , [37,Alex Benzer]

      Thanks in advance.
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    Danny really nice, you did a great job !