Anyone who have tried creating an e-commerce site?
Ok, here is the idea. Using Social Engine as an e-commerce solution.
Is it possible?

I have a client that is Sharp Norway who is interested in me creating a solution for them that syncs with their cashier systems.

Social Engine is one of my favorite systems to work with, either it is PHP version or Cloud, but this request of making a e-commerce is not a thing I have done before. But as I see it, it should be plausible to do this with SE PHP and sync it to the cashier system so that the inventory is always correct.

Anyone who knows if this is worth looking into?
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    SocialEngineMarket Dear [6223,Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen], the scope is quite unclear. It is needed to add details about it.
    We have a great solution for e-commerce sites. Please have a look ( if this is what you want. There are 4 additional plugins for marketplace which can help you to extent your site opportunities.
    Also please contact us if you need any help or further information ( or
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    Lora I see this is dated 2013... is there a better option now...:)
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      seTweaks There are a few e-commerce plugins in the addon directory :