Modal Snippet
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It's quite easy to create a modal window. SEC uses Twitter Bootstrap. Below is the code snippet...

--------- Place this anywhere in your template file.
Launch modal

The data-target is the target to the specific modal to toggle. See below.

--------- Place this anywhere in the footer template file.


Modal header

One ugly body...

Awesome Button

Of course, replace the modal body with your own content.. Or better yet, check out the API for SEC, to spice the modal!

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    BumpShaman Thanks for this! Very useful!

    Anyone know what kind of code tweaking it would take to get the modal body (once it opens up) to be a certain % tall and wide compared to the browser width and height? Having tested this modal out on two mobile devices, I noticed that the modal body doesn't show up well, and I think if it automatically sized itself it might work better. That, or specific code wrapped specially for mobile devices using the "@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {}" code wrap...
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    Robin Thank you very much! this will give members more alternative
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      BumpShaman Is there an "original" way to create an SEC modal compared to the code in this post?
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    Shane Click on "More" to reveal code..