Youtube and vime content in rss
I noticed a "bug" if you can call it that. Youtube and Vimeo content is not playable in the rss feed. For me it should be playable. I think users love to have the full content on rss if it is possible.
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    BumpShaman I was just thinking this. Not sure how it might be possible -- or not -- but this would be terrific.

    For me, I'd like to use the RSS feed for my site to "feed" a mobile app. I could wrap the mobile version of my site, but this won't be approved by Apple (maybe by Google). So the RSS feed helps. But if content can't be played (videos) inside the feed, it doesn't work well for my app. Also, post titles don't show up as links to external websites in the RSS feed (it seems).

    Maybe this is all just a limitation of RSS feeds. I'm not too familiar with RSS feeds and how they work.