Must Have Social Engine Plugins (
A list of the must have social engine plugins some of them you may know and some you may not know .
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    Eugene That's a good list. There are so many different plugins right now it may be pretty hard to pick the right ones. We have helped to build a lot of different communities within last 6 years. I want to share my own insights how to pick plugins.

    1. Start simple.
    With so many plugins around it's easily to fall into impression the more plugins you have the better it will be. That's not correct. Almost every plugin adds an additional section to your community. That may be blogs, albums, videos, pages, etc. You will need to make sure there will be enough activity and new content in each section. For example, forum section without any new posts for days will rather be a bad thing for your community than having no forum section at all.
    It's not complex to surprise your members later on and add a new section when there is a clear need. Remember, it's easier to add something than to remove a "dead" section with user’s content in it.

    2.Choose functionality based on community niche.
    Your community is unique. Choose only plugins you feel are essential for your niche. There should be 1-3 main plugins, they might be custom.
    For example if you have a travelers community that may be a plugin to post travel reviews, possibly with markers on the map. In case you are into hiking niche - consider some backpacking plugin, so community members can discuss and divide their supplies for a trip.
    For any sports or gaming community you may need 2 types of plugins: events plugin (or any alternative like adv. events, schedule, etc.) and plugin to organize matches. The plugin for matches should have some basic ratings so it will be possible to rank members each period.

    3. Make sure there is a place for discussions.
    Almost every community needs a section where members can discuss things. That's where you can get feedback from users to see how your community is doing and plan future improvements.
    This may be a forum, discussions within groups/pages plugins or questions&answers section. Don't create a lot of empty sections or categories there. Start with ~4-5 categories. Add more new once you have enough content for a new category.

    4. Add plugins that will save your time.
    One of the main problems for any community is spam and moderation challenges. There are few different plugins to prevent spam posts and help to ban/delete spammers quickly.
    Our team has released two plugins that we use for every custom project: Honeypot (anti-spam) and Moderator Toolbox.

    When are considering a plugin - always think if adding it will help your community members to collaborate.
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    Royalpeople HI
    I just paid my install social engine new version 4.7, and this is not completed, the technical they want me to pay more exten support this is right or not, all have been install and I cant upload profile picture so would you please show me how to fixe or the service have responsible for install please