NO Idea !!!
This cloud is looking o.k but very hard for beginner to get a grip of.In PHP version It was easy to d banners, ad new pages and ad codes.with this has to be pretty advance to do anything at all and the way I see it I wont go past my 14 days trail...just to complicated to do anything
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    Kimmie Hi [95,Marian Baranowski] . Welcome to the SEC community. You have stumbled upon a great platform, just give it a chance. It may seem overwhelming at first but you will get use to it. I don't code, design or anything but I have learned a lot from my new found friends on here, namely, [2440,Robin] and [6223,Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen] . These are my new friends and go to buddies and they are always willing to help. So give SEC a chance and give us a chance to help you. In a few weeks I betcha you will be helping all of us. Pray you are here to stay for the long run.
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    Danny Maybe a couple of how to videos would help
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    (deleted) mmmh I start finding my way around it.
    Tested to put in a Google map and a YouTube news-feed and it was working.The News feed I will keep.Google map I removed
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      Robin I like your YouTube News-Feed! Hope SEC can do the same widget with our video.
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      Kimmie Ahh, glad to hear this. I knew you would get the hang of it.
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    Robin There is a lot of code in this community. We intent to share a lot of knowledge here.
    Of course this can be improve. Please give us ideas.
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    Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Hey, Do you think that SEC is difficult?
    It really is not. Adding new pages is easy, just go to the theme and choose add new template.
    Adding your own css is easy, just use the custom css page.

    This is much easier then coding attributes in php and sql.
    But I think the Sec team should create a how to guide, maybe a video.
    If you go here: there is lots of info on SEC
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      (deleted) right...easy if you know what you do..I am 65 and not easy for me to start learning ...still I am trying
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        Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Great to see someone who is in that age group being here :D If you need any help, I can help you out :D
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          (deleted) I always want to learn new things.SE PHP was easy for me, this one I will take a bit longer to get used to...but hopefully will get there
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            Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen That is nice :D As [1007,VoiceBee] and [2440,Robin] said, we are here to help :D
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