What are the biggest challenges you're facing with your community?
Feel free to share anything/everything here that you're struggling with.

What would you have done differently if you were starting from scratch today?

Thanks in advance guys.
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    Kimmie I would say better communication with the SE teams about SE Cloud challenges. I know SEC is new and some information you may learn as support tickets come in, but there are some information we should have been made aware of. Namely, Private Site option is a problem with search engines, alexa and any others out there that need to crawl your site. Also, not all admins are coders, designers, developers and we have to pay others for these services. Therefore, communication needs to be a top priority between SE Team and admins so we don't have to spend money due to lack of communication.

    Next, I would say traffic and marketing, especially when you are on a budget.

    This is the only feedback right now but want to also let everyone know, overall I am 1000% satisfied with SEC and feel it is the best option for any new site.
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      Drew Frey Thanks for sharing [1007,VoiceBee] . We're constantly trying to better our process here at SE and understanding these types of challenges better can only help us.

      What about the rest of you? Please share with us your thoughts.
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        Kimmie Thank you guys for being great listeners [250,Drew Frey] .
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    Edwin Rivera Here are my two cents!
    1. How we can improve or change the Mobile Design independently? Also, could we develop some documentation as seen with the widgets and themes (they are simple/helpful)?. Mobile applications are also key of success.


    2. How we can share multiple or combination of posts (topic/link/photo etc.) in a single post?

    I think those changes will help to improve the standards of SE cloud. However, we truly believe on this platform and we are not going back to SE PHP or other platforms that we carefully assessed; since I do not think that there is a platform as trendy/funcional/reliable/fast and constantly improving as SEC and with a great support team/global community/software development team. Together and focused, we will beat competition and we will create great niche communities.