Technologies behind SE5
It's interesting to find out what technologies are used in SocailEngine 5
From what I see there are
1. Twitter Bootstrap
2. JQuery
3. It looks like node.js is used to retrieve some of members' data

Are there still Zend Framework or php used on server side?
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    Shaun Harding Yup. PHP is still used for much of SE5 and we still use some Zend Framework components, albeit sparingly.
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    Alex Benzer Amazon AWS on the backend
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    Frank No more Zend with SE5. It's built on a very simply and lightweight MVC. All development will be done as widgets that consume the API, which can be placed into page templates, or as entire themes which are collections of page templates and CSS.
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      Sam If SE5 has more or less abandoned Zend - why the hell did SE decide to use it for the slow SE4?