Feedback about SE5
Firstable, congrats for this great implementation.
My opinion about this version( in a positive way of course)

1- I miss a lot of implementations like, groups, events, blogs, aswell the possibility to add contact, and see that on your profile.

2- Its seems like Pinterest, of course its not bad at all but for a socialnetwork i think is better to make people interact. Here the only way is Post, Thumbs up or down.

3. Profile page is not really atractive, can be good if the user could change the cover image like on facebook, and also see bigger photos there.

4. Albums photos, as i saw here there is no way to load more that one photo a time and create album thats not good.

I hope all this thinks dont disturb anyone is my opinion, and of course my needs.

Thanks and keep it going...
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    RN I totally agree...

    As others said....WTH are you thinking here. You log don't intuitively know what to do. It looks like a bad version of twitter meets pinterest meets stumbleupon meets some old comment ranking system so doesnt feel like a community one bit...not one bit...not at all.... but rather this 'randomness' where people just post stuff (is it sticky? does it make me want to come back to look at a cute interact with have an in-depth discussion?)....doesnt feel like I could easily connect with someone or even find someone I want to connect with...doesnt feel "personal" in any way so far

    You're creating and highlighting everything bad that is happening to facebook right now and what happened to myspace....meaning a place where people post random crap, photos, and memes .....all day long-- and there is very little community. Then you have this part of facebook that is more like everything good was about SE4 .... subgroups/pages -- bigger pictures -- the ability for those people who arent myspacing facebook up -- to really add their lives to the pages.

    I know your prevailing answer is that "this is one theme, its early" and the most horrible comment ive seen from an admin "we're not trying to be a community anymore....its all about linking people away" or something like that (seriously? linking....people.....away?)

    If you're just focusing on social sharing of links and people not being social with one another then its not the next evolutionary stage....its you sniffing too much "now news" from pinterest and someones inner love of stumbleupon which has members but you dont feel connected to them at all

    I dont see how i could connect with someone on mutual interest (same city, region, interests). Migrating away from clubs/groups is a big mistake to me (it was one of your most exciting features -- and what even people on facebook adore....meaning having pages/sub-groups to follow ..., its what marketers are still setting up shop on sites like facebook and twitter to do -- garner people from high reach vehicle outlets --- i dont see how a marketer could leverage this platform at this time if they wanted to join someones social network on SE5). Again -- think about the marketers/advertisers/businesses -- whats interesting about them advertising on a site where you link people away from

    This is not interesting at all -- #nobutterflies #notinglysensations

    (Wow i have to share a link to even submit to this ?forum?) SE5 is a link-away system?)

    Don't link people away -- thats not good for making money....don't create a link-away system

    Does a VIP or subject matter expert want to sign up for this to garner new followers? could they. Ugggh (so far)

    Think business...think future....thin RETENTION....think time spent....think ease.....think community (please?). This is coming from a guy who has worked at ad agencies, huge websites in marketing/sales, and has his own major company now in advertising who wouldnt be one bit interested in advertising here at this time.

    I know this is early -- and these are my early comments -- hopefully in 60 days i will be able to say yaaay love it....but for now -- i can only say WTF and viva SE4
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      SQLBROS seriously I think SE5 alone at this moment is not good. I like following the news and see whats in store for us.. but this is a headache. I really dont plan to buy one of SE5 unless its drastically awesome standalone.
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      mimosalguero Lets see in 60 days ;) for sure there are a lot of users here that think the same... mean something, we are future customers and the team have to think about what the customers need.
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    Frank this is what we are waiting for... groups events, blogs, forums, profiels, pages, messaging
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      SQLBROS I dont think they will release those plugins. its a complete different platform than SE4. If they release those plugins than it will definitely be an upgrade from SE4 which will be extremely cool.
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        Frank thats the problem.... nobody knows what SE5 is.
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    monti [357,mimosalguero]

    1- Use SE4, it has everything you mentioned in your first point.
    2- SE5 is different as the team has mentioned numerous times, its a different tool all together. (I do think that they shouldn't have called it SE5). maybe SECommunities or something so people don't get confused.
    3- I don't think (and this is my personal opinion) people care about their profiles as much as they used to 8-10 years ago (the myspace age). Profiles are a waste of time, it confuses people and fragments conversation into 1000s of pages. Profiles should be just that, profiles... Not a place to have discussions.
    4- Average user uploads their photos on facebook or google but I get that some people might like this, so this could be a cool add on.

    I do understand that your needs differ from mine so this is my opinion,