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    Edits to Landing Page aren't Registering
    Has anyone had a problem with edits to the landing page? Any changes I make do not register on that page.
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      Stu Carter I agree there is confusion with use of the term "Landing Page", and "Home Page" within SocialEngine.

      Home page for a web site will be at the root /index.htm (or php), or /default.htm (or php).
      Social Engine has made an assumption that we want Facebook-like web sites, and by default directs registered members to their "User Home" pages. This might be a good idea for a Facebook, but a news site would want all members to see the Index page as often as possible. Additionally, a site should be linked to at the root level, that is, as many links as possible going to domain.xx/ . When members pass links to "domain.com/members/home, it may dilute the strength of the domain.

      I am now trying to get SEphp to stop with the redirects to the members pages. Apparently I need to change some php code, and the provided tutorial has not helped.

      Landing Page. I believe this term is more appropriate in marketing. Such as you have a special contest and the link sends people to a special "Landing Page", devoted to the contest. Every web site has a home page, and I would hope all my visitors see that first.
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      Edosasere Egharevba Anybody out there?
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      Edosasere Egharevba I am referring to the main portal page (index). I am unable to open a ticket as my coverage has expired and cannot renew it at the moment.
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