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    Request Inviter Version 2 - Coming Soon
    Great News!

    With the inspiration of SE5 and our success with the Request Inviter Plugin, we are about to release the update REQUEST INVITER V2.
    Per your feedback, we've added many features to the new version including:
    • Ability to title your button.
    • Select a button color
    • Approve / Delete multiple requests with one click.
    • Get an email alert when a member sends a request invite.
    Version 2 will be a Free Upgrade to anyone who purchased V1.
    However, if anyone want to get Version 2 at V1's price, you can buy it now at http://demo.hifise.com.
    When version 2 is released we will upgrade it for free.

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      HIFI SE Thanks Paul for your comment. This was our very first plugin on the market even though we have customized plugins for our own website since 2011. SE5 really inspired us to make plugins for us PHP users. Anyways, we are running a few more tests, everything is looking great so far, and Request Inviter v2 will be available in just a few days. We are really excited about this! Thanks to Alex, Mike, and our friends over at SeTweaks!
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      Paul cool, good to see devs update their stuff and push new improvements.
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      HIFI SE for more info about this plugin... http://demo.hifise.com/pages/store-requestinviter
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    New Drop Down feed
    In addition to our Video feature for your Profile Cover - Check out our NEW Drop Down Activity Feeds.
    This feature helps keep your Profile page looking neat and clutter free. When you want to post or review something, just click on the feeds button.


    ps. We would love to hear your feedback. thanks

    Socialbrella - Share Differently.
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    SE4 Website on the Market?
    I have a personal Social Network built from SocialEngine™ 4 that I would consider selling outright to anyone looking to get a jumpstart in the SN game. (Outright meaning - domain name, licenses, source codes,and all). This site comes loaded with 3rd party plugins as well as special custom designs and custom built applications. Take a look... and contact me if you are interested or want to disqus. www.socialbrella.com
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      seTweaks [6924,Paul] you're misunderstanding website flipping/selling and SE policies. When someone sells a website they're selling the content, user base and most importantly the value of the site, not the script. If you have a valuable site and want to sell it the new owner needs to purchase a new license from SE. You can't resell SocialEngine's license, you have to sell the value of your site/business.
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      HIFI SE @Paul and @SeTweaks. I'm not certain about the criteria of website's or how buyouts work (legal jargon). But the good news is for socialbrella.com is: I've reinvested in the final developments for this website, which is the Drop down Activity feeds, and a 3rd party company name SpamTrawler (to help control spamming) After this, it's completely open to the market and will continue to maintain and build our platform. Early buy-outs are still welcome. :)
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      seTweaks It is against SocialEngine policies to resell or transfer your license.
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    New SE4 PHP Store Launching!
    We're excited to announce that we will be launching HIFI SE MARKETPLACE very soon! Free Themes, Plugins, and discounts on Professinal SE4 PHP Plugins. Follow us here on twitter for updates. (@ http://www.twitter.com/hifise)
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    Google Fiber
    Google Fiber 1000 Faster? I would like your opinions on what the possibilities will be when internet is as fast (or faster) than the servers we use...

    thanks for your comments
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    *Get the Updated HIFiApp (Free)
    We posted a short while ago about How to take your Member's Profile Images and turn them into Apple Icons [reference: http://bit.ly/10kGWMH ].

    Well today, and with the launch of our new demo website, we've updated and created an easy drag and drop version that you can download for FREE ............(or give a small donation, if you'd like :) )

    We hope you find it useful and we look forward to creating more professional plugins and even making some of them available at no cost.



    [Download Page - http://hifise.com/pages/store-hifiapp-free]
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    We just launched our demo website / store. Be sure to check us out for new professional plugins, Themes, and lots of Freebies!

    We hope we that we can continue to help you build and maintain a professional Social Network.

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    Make your Theme Tablet Friendly w/o Mobile Plugin (SE PHP)
    SocialEngine Themes, look really nice on PCS and Macs. Though I mentioned several times before in comments, and tweets, I'm still raving about the Modern Theme, and how we can build dynamic looking themes off of this simplified platform. But more on that later...

    The one thing we noticed though, is that these themes do not look properly formatted on tablet such as the iPad. So today I would like to share a simple way to "compromise" the theme in order to look dynamic on PCs and tablets (such as the iPad), without getting a mobile plug-in.

    I'm using the Modern Theme as a reference point. So the edits are particularly for this theme and may be slightly different for other themes. Please comment below if you need help tweaking a different theme:

    1) First, go to your Theme Editor and make a back up copy by cloning the theme. (Always recommended)

    2) Activate the clone because you will be editing from this theme .. or in case you want to switch back or make a mistake.

    3) Go to your constant.css file and look for the PAGE WIDTHS & BACKGROUND COLORS. Underneath this you should find about 3 lines of code that has a width of 1100px or more (topbar_width, footer_width, and content_width). Change all of these to "960px."

    4) Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Theme Editor.

    5) Now, go to your theme.CSS file and edit the following codes to "width: 960px"
    a) /*MAIN CONTENT AREA*/> #global_content > width: 960px;
    b) /* HEADER */> .layout_page_header width: 960px and
    c) /* FOOTER*/ > .layout_page_footer > width: 960px

    6) Now click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Theme Editor.

    Your theme layout will be slightly shorter in length, but it will look perfect on your Mac, PC, and iPad. See the image for reference or go to www.socialbrella.net to see it live.

    I hope this helps, and please comment, and leave a feedback if you'd like to see more.
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      Essam Rashad Hey! When I try to do step one (backing up my theme) I can't. Basically I don't have a "theme.CSS" file. I just opened an account pardon the ignorance! Help?
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    How to create Apple App Icons from your Members Profile
    Make your Member's Look Like Apps

    Today we want to share with you one of our best little features.
    If you own an Apple device, this is a really nice way to make your Member's look like Apps!

    It's really simple.

    Adding the code
    1. IN FTP GO TO .../application/modules/Core/layouts/scripts/default.tpl

    <?php if ($this->subject()) : ?>

    <?php endif; ?>

    4. Save / upload the NEW EDITED FILE

    To make the Member's Profile to Apple App Icon.

    1. Go to a member's profile page on your website with iPad, iPhone, or iPod.
    2. Click the icon with the box and arrow (on the right side of the cloud icon)
    3. Click Add to Home Screen.
    • As you start to add the title or even before, the icon should generate the user's Profile image.... Cool Huh?

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    This plugin allows you to have visitors send a request invitation just like SE5 (Social Engine Cloud).

    Once visitors submit their requests, you can approve them to become members.
    Request Inviter SE4 gives the admin full control over who can become members while keeping your Social Networking website looking professional:

    • Smoothbox popup - Request Invite
    • Easy Request Invite Fields
    • Easy to Install
    • Send Visitors custom confirmation Message
    • Send approved Members custom Welcome Message
    • Send approved Members unique password
    • Easy Approve or Delete members

    Demo: http://www.socialbrella.net (just send yourself a request)
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    Request Inviter for Social Engine PHP
    We created Request Invite for SE PHP. If anyone need this script, we've have it at a very low rate. Help support us as we build out many more Professional SE PHP modules that will keep your SE website clean, professional, and simply awesome.

    Thanks Brian for adding us to the SE Add-on Marketplace https://www.socialengine.com/customize/se4/mod-page?mod_id=1179
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    I like this!
    SE5 Seems very promising for SocialBrella.com

    We can definetly utilize some of the new features!

    Great lOoK!
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      HIFI SE www.socialbrella.com - like the integration with other social networks...