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      seTweaks Each bank in each country has its own system and needs an individual SE module, so it's not practical to develop a plugin for all banks and countries. the universal solution is payment gateways like PayPal that SE already has.



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    Currency Using ISO 4217 code
    Is it possible to modify the currency system with ISO 4217 code on SE 4, if you can not ask to be made plug or mods, because we really need to show our currency symbol, not for automatic transactions such as PayPal and 2Checkout.
    Please keep note for further SE development.Thank you.
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    Language Problem
    I have a problem when I translates the language of the web, when I switch the language, the language of my country there are some who do not read the word does not even appear with code %s, %d, etc., such as: %s comments, like %s, %s view and %s update. I edited the language .csv file with the same result. Please help me to solve this problem, thank you.
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    The Payment System
    When is the payment system of the SE can use bank transfer?
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      Eugene Doubtfully it will. Each bank often has it's own API and requirements. They may be really different from country to country.
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