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    May 2014 Release Notes
    Hey guys, this will be a ongoing monthly thread with latest cloud/website notes.  Updated whenever we do a new push.

    May 30th
    • Fixed a bug that did not respect 'optional' flag for including photo field in signup, forcing it to be required if it was displayed [#cloud]
    • Applied various fixes to our asynchronous workers to improve stability [#cloud]

    May 26th
    • Added an error message when uploading a photo that was too big, also increased the size of uploads from 2Mb to 20Mb [#cloud]
    • Further enhancements to the mobile-friendly themes after our fixes on May 20th. Related to sign up buttons, avatars, etc [#cloud]
    • Fixed verified flag for newly created users on cloud to actually require verification [#cloud]
    • Fixed a bug that would in certain cases prevent verification and forgot password emails from being sent out [#cloud]

    May 20th
    • Fixed a bug that would not update search after you edited your post/user profile [#cloud]
    • Fixed a bug that duplicated search results, results now paginate correctly and do not duplicate [#cloud]
    • Modified viewport used in the mobile version of the site to not be 0.1, making everything else gigantic, its now much easier to make style modifications to mobile theme. [#cloud]
    • Fixed compose button in private messages [#cloud]
    • Digest emails for post replies now correctly link to the post [#cloud]

    May 13th
    • Revered the product page due to poor conversions of the new design [#site]
    • Fix unapproved post bug. Now posts that get set as not approved will no longer show up in the list of posts [#cloud]

    May 9th
    • Feature: Added link to our public bug tracker under support drop down [#site]
    • Feature: Updated site showcase, removing a site thats offline. If you have any cool sites we should be showcasing contact [#site]
    • Feature: added FAQ item on how to recover your account. [#site]
    • Bugfix: Closed tickets stay closed, previously you'd be able to reply but our support wouldn't be able to see the reply [#site]
    • Bugfix: Removed bogus notification number in your cloud site if your account was disconnected in a certain way [#cloud]
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      Odell Thanks for the updates
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      Rick Von Ruden Why not do blog posts for cloud fixes like you do for php. Some cloud subscribers don't come here. Also I don't see any responses on your bug and suggestions site for cloud.
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      Rick Von Ruden Thanks for the bug fixes and mobile fix
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